Disclaimer: The message below was written strictly as a reaction to multiple observances of particular social tendencies in and around New York City’s nightlife scene.  The message is intended for the people who try to buy fun which other people have created freely.  Buying the appearance of having fun and ACTUALLY being or having fun are very different things.  You can’t buy fun.

Disclaimer Continued:  You can buy fun if you are already a fun person, which contradicts the absolute phrase from the last disclaimer of “You can’t buy fun.”  If you are already a fun person, you can not only buy fun, but you can also not buy fun and have a good time.

Disclaimer Continued Cont’d:  Ok, even if you are not a fun person, and you bought a new sports car, took a random trip to Vegas, went skydiving, shot automatic weapons, bought sex, traveled the world, sailed a yacht, decided to get new shoes and/or dress, etc., you can probably still have fun investing in the moment of doing those things.  The main focus of this message is you can’t buy fun, if you are not a fun person in the nightlife scene.


I have seen it time and time again, couples and individuals, from every age, cultural background, and caste trying to salvage their dull, mundane life by spending money they have or don’t have, to create a semblance of fun.  Whether you are buying an overly expensive bottle at the hottest night club or taking your significant other to the most expensive restaurant in town, you are still not going to have fun if you are unable to have fun at ordinary places.  Atmosphere is just a catalyst for fun and if you don’t know how to combine the ingredients for fun at normal places, then it doesn’t matter how much money you spend because you are not going to have fun.

You are going to buy that bottle, bob your head around and around, text all your friends where you are, drink heavily, post pictures on Facebook, and then wonder what the fuck you are doing there in the first place since 1) you don’t dance, 2) you really don’t like to drink, and 3) wonder why you just spent a whole bunch of money for a few hours of zombie like exhaustion while at your overly price table located right next to the giant speaker which prevented you from talking to anyone you may thought of as attractive.  But hey, you told the world where you went, so they must think you are fun and that was the entire point right; to appear to be a fun person versus actually being fun?

You are going to take your significant other to the best restaurant so you can SAY you are taking him/her to the best restaurant, only to sit across from each other, eating overpriced miniature representations of normal meals, while hardly saying a word to each other the entire night, but you both will go home and brag to your friends how much fun you had and how great you are for each other.  Having fun isn’t about the prestigious restaurant you paid to get into; it is about enjoying the moment, no matter the situation.  It is about making that not-so-awesome restaurant awesome with your vibe and attitude.  Sorry over-priced sparkling water, you can’t make fun.

Let’s get real… Either you enjoy life or you don’t.  There is no amount of money that can change that.  Sure you can buy things and events and situations, but those, in themselves, do not produce fun.  Nor will they make you a fun person.  Instead of buying fun, try just being fun.  Be funny, wear a smile, be personable, and make other people want to buy time around you.  Be the person everyone invites out because you make them laugh, smile, and enjoy life.  Don’t be the person who brags about where they went or what they did; because if you are a fun person, people know and no matter where you go or what you do, they know it was a good time!