Merging AI and ML to better understand human interactions through chat, social media, and forums.

GPT4 / BARD / Scale / LLAMA

What we Do

Twitter / Corpus Analysis

To answer your question. Yes, you have been communicating with a bot.

All replies are moderated. Replies mimic the user’s sentiment while engaging the bot. 

For over 20 years Socialtrainers has been experimenting with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. As a developer for A.L.I.C.E bot and Athelstan, Socialtrainers has been leading the forefront in analyzing human interaction with AI.


AI Commission



R & D

We are applying the lastest techniques in the AI/ML field to generate AI driven dialogue indistinguishable from human consciousness.

Processing Technology

The lastest processing technologies from Nvidia, Google, and Intel are tested against some of the toughest AI applications.

Machine Learning

Using human generated content, through Twitter and compositions, we are able to train Bots to interact with humans seemlessly.

Process Automation

The goal is to create autonomous entities that presume human processes which can enable people to work on bigger scales.


Research & Development

Our main focus is to explore the platform technologies OpenAI, Nvidia, and Google have created. We aim to push the limits of human / AI interactions.

Future Outlook

Human Activity and Creativity Automation

Instead of spending hours in front of a computer screen, thinking of clever ways to generate text, let AI do it. The future is allowing AI/ML to ingest your thoughts, your writing styles, your predicted responses and offload your presnese to AI models that would do and say exactly what you would do and say. That’s the future.


Routine Automation


Corpus Automation


AI Foundation Subsidiary