It’s a simple question, what have you done?

In a world in contention, so many people project their empty impressions on just about any and every situation, profession, conflict, and argument without having any REAL experience that relates to the subject matter.

So again, what have you done?

Blindly following what you have read from links and google searches, hearsay and rhetoric without any viable substance makes you a partisan idolater, a sheep without thought; regurgitating words and simple concepts for the sake of disagreement. The antithesis of progression. With infinite knowledge(s) at our fingertips, we discount the necessity of experience and replace it with the ability to access information. It’s not about knowing, or appearing to know, or promoting another’s rendition of knowledge, it’s about doing. It’s about truth. It’s about reality. It’s about objectiveness. You can’t make a living based on what you know, but rather what you do.

So, what have you done?

This world makes it easy for someone to believe they are an expert at something. It was only a few years ago when people would turn to subject matter experts for their information. Today, everyone is a search engine genius. Why put forth effort in actually experiencing something yourself, when you can just spew another person’s accomplishments, or what appears to be their accomplishments. We are smart enough to fit our personal, self-venerated concepts into a search bar used in unwinnable, cookie cutter debates, but not smart enough to realize the importance of unbiased experience and how it relates to truth. When we cheer on our favorite team, or see our favorite singer, play or author, we don’t steal their accomplishments by owning the win, or the performance, or novel ourselves. It’s that person’s win, performance or novel. We are just there to witness their experience. Why would accruing knowledge be any different?

It’s not.

This problem is systemic and progressively getting worse. People would have you believe that your disposition is a part of some grand scheme segregating people’s Meta into parts, pieces, factions, colors and creeds, but what really differentiates one human from another is what they do. We see this in just about every profession and career, every sport and performance, the people who rise to the top in this world are the doers. There is no race, religion or sexual orientation that can halt success. If you are the best at what you do, you will make a living doing it. Period.

There is nothing more supportive to the above paragraph than the sports world. Every single athlete is judged not by the color of their skin, or even their character, but rather what they do. And yet, we, as a culture, sit back and criticize the world around us, exclaiming how unfair it is for this person and that person, never recognizing the doers around us. People rather sit back and make excuses as to why their success hasn’t greeted them at the doorstep, never acknowledging people of the same race and creed journey of ‘doing’ what it took to get to the top. Sure there is favoritism with arbitrary professions. Don’t base your life off of subjections. Don’t give the decision makers a choice. Be the choice.

What have you done?

Real accomplishment transcends boundaries. Progress shouldn’t ever be that students protest their teachers. Students should not be allowed to protest their teacher’s experience because they don’t agree with it. The student is inexperienced and has no knowledge, so their opinion is without foundation and should not be heard by the masses. Progress shouldn’t ever be that laymen criticize the experts. To become someone, you have to produce something. Until then, you should sit back and learn. Your opinion doesn’t count without experience. You want to comment on global politics in a certain region? Go to that region. You want to give your opinion on the economy? Work in the financial sector. Instead of spending time insisting certain lives matter, become someone who matters. Someone who can make a difference. All that matters is what you do.

Now, what are you going to do?