Timing is everything…

No really, timing is everything… Timing is the ultimate condition that determines outcomes in every facet of our lives.  From the love we share or lose, to the job we have or don’t have, to the glory we celebrate or the failure we suffer, timing is the force behind it all.  Every variable in your life, to the day, month and year you were born, to the time of day you decide to workout, go to the movies, or go out to eat can mean the difference in life or death, success or failure.  Timing is the most important variable we can hope to control which can determine our fate.  Besides crafting fortune, glory, honor, and success, timing also manifests true love.  Without timing, love is a senseless hope.  To speak the word love to another, knowing there is an absence of timing, will lead to a waste of moments and regret.  Without timing, love will fail.

Timing is not time…

We cannot confuse timing and time; they are two different variables.  In fact, the variable of time sits within the condition of timing which makes time a part of timing, but not vice versa.  Time is a moment, or a measure of a moment or moments.  Timing is a moment or moments combined with a location, an association to an organization, an association with other people, a mental state, and a direct result of every variable in the universe pushing things in motion to create a positive, negative or neutral effect experienced in an instant of eternity.


Location: Fundamentally, in the known laws of physics, in order for something to affect you physically (good or bad), you have to be in a specific location where that something is, and your geometrical position in this universe in any moment can determine that affect.  Whether you are struck by lightning, or win a million dollars by being the millionth customer to walk through a store, your location in the universe and the timing of which you are in that specific location determines outcomes.

Let’s get real; you are not going to fall in love with someone without physically meeting them.  If you do, then you are an idiot.  Love requires timing in reference to location from the point of initially meeting someone, to having that someone want to stay or move where you go throughout your relationship.  Location preferences between two people can end a relationship if they do not coincide.  Even though a couple might be in love, if the timing of where they each want to be is off, then the timing of their relationship is off and will ultimately end.


Association: As individuals, we are associated with different people and organizations in our life which make us unique.  Whether you play sports, love wine tasting, know someone famous, or work for a law firm, the associations in our life make us who we are.  The idea that a good friend can easily introduce you to someone you may potentially love, or someone who may be perfect for you decides not to speak to you because you associate with people they don’t like, play toward timing in reference to association.

I don’t know about you, but I think it is hard to find out everything about a person before you utter the words “I love you” to them.  In fact, not having a grasp on a person’s history of associations, combined with their present and unforeseen future associations, creates quite the recipe for change.  One of the main reason people break up, is that the person they fell in love with is no longer the same person they are now and the timing of that change doesn’t allow the relationship to work.  Associations take up time and when that time is fought over by someone you love vs. your love for the association, then usually one of the two has to be given up.  Unfortunately, if individualism is ever anteed to prolong a relationship and mend bad timing, the original love will still be scarred due to regret and needless sacrifice.

Mental State: The most unpredictable part of timing is someone’s mental state.  Through all the promises and words someone can say to you, through all the gestures and loving actions you receive through the course of your life from different people, they are all voided if the person(s) who does all these things doesn’t really mean them, or has a different agenda they keep within.  Every variable of timing can be absolutely perfect, but if the person you are in love with has a different path they wish to pursue, then the relationship will fail because the timing, in reference to someone’s mental state, doesn’t support any future pretense to the current relationship.

To me, this is some scary shit.  The fact that someone can look into your eyes and tell you something that is totally different from what they are thinking in their head, is beyond fucked up and to me and is the most unpredictable component of timing in reference to love. Whether a person is still in love with a lingering relationship of the past or whether that person is intentionally trying to take advantage of the acceptance of truth by a person they claim to be in love with, someone’s mental state can destroy a relationship to ruin.  When relationships end because of location and associations, they are tangible things that can logically be thought out as to why it ended.  Someone ending a relationship based on something that was kept secret in their head, is something that is hard to puzzle out; the fact that you think you know someone so well, yet they turn into someone who is totally different is a hard concept to accept.


Sometimes it is hard to admit that the timing of love may not be right.  In other areas of life, timing is very much black and white, resulting in definitive outcomes.  However, timing in regards to love leads us down a grey slippery slope which most of us do not recognize, or we recognize the slippery slope and fail to admit that the path we are on isn’t working.  For love to ultimately work and flourish, two people have to accept their physical locations, whether they are living together in a city they both love or doing a long distance relationship in a place they are not fond of, both people have to openly accept being happy with their location setup.  Two people also have to accept each other’s associations for love to work.  Different stages of our life require different time obligations to certain things and if two people want their relationship to work, they both have to accept each other’s individualism.  Finally, two people have to be honest with each other.  Living a lie, or hoping that lie changes, will just lead to failure.  If two people are in the right mental state from the beginning to the end, the relationship will succeed.

Timing is everything!

Are you ready?