Tick….. Tick….. Boom!

You feel it inside you: the ever-meddling desire to pick up and run, to escape the failed attempts of happiness, to remove yourself from tarnished bonds and empty promises, the constant feelings of disloyalty and despair. You feel it, yet you convince yourself that these relationships, those moments of utter disgrace against all that is good will change and become some semblance of normality. You deny all evidence of wrongdoings and accept the contradiction of your association. Is it to fit in? Is it to offer help? Is it for love?  Or is it that you have allowed these ‘bad’ relationships and coinciding feelings to become your version of normal? Why do we continually keep coming back to people who fail us? No matter your reasoning, it is time to move on. No matter your reasoning, the relationship and the person in question are dysfunctional and so are you if you remain in the situation expecting it to change without changing yourself. No matter the reasoning, you are waiting, willingly, next to a time bomb.

Tick…. tick…. Boom!

The type of relationship doesn’t matter. Disappointment and betrayal can be forged from friendships, romantic affiliations, professional connections and family.  If a person in your life is about to explode, the details of your connection with them do not matter. If you are close enough, they will bring you and everything around them down…. eventually. Narcissism, drug and alcohol abuse, selfishness, anger, psychotic disorders, laziness, perversion, communist/socialist, and disloyalty are a few identifiers of people who will eventually bring you down. There is no human tenet that affords time and attention to people who intentionally and willfully choose to do wrong.

Tick… tick… Boom!

How do you defuse the situation (pun intended)? You don’t.  There are very few things one can do to change the situation before it eventually blows up. It doesn’t matter if you are at the alter on your wedding day, selling out to better your career or enduring family and friendship pressure, if there is something inside you that tells you that any of your experiences with the relationship(s) in question are not for the betterment of you as a whole…walk away. Walk away and never look back because if you don’t, you will eventually regret or even hate the time and energy spent looking for the good, when there was none.

Tick.. tick.. Boom.

You can always tell yourself that you will give it another chance. You can maybe argue for another chance after that. But when does the time wasted in a relationship outweigh the potential of normality? All we have is time. It is the one thing your friends, your family, your boss, your lover (or anyone) can’t take away; unless you allow it. There are plenty of people in this world looking for someone to share a real friendship with. There are plenty of people in this world looking for a real romantic connection. There are plenty of jobs and careers where you can be respected and valued. Surround yourself with people who have their shit together. Remember, no matter who you are or how hard you try, the bomb will eventually go off.  Save your life, you’ve only got one shot at it.

Tick. Tick…..