People love to dream. People love to reminisce. People love to exaggerate. The world is full of people who talk about who they are, who they were, who they want to be and most importantly (uncomfortably) who they will be.  This self-perception cascades through all facets of life consuming commentary on one’s occupation, academic achievements, social status, athletics success, relationship situation and/or the discovery of potential innovation(s). People rather bend the truth, misrepresent the truth or lie altogether then put in the hard work, effort and commitment for the said truth or lie to become reality.

The “I would be” and the “I could be” tremble on the tongues of many. People talk about their “awesome potential” instead of living it. Most people don’t live, they exist and they exist to talk about how they could or would live. This bothers me. I rather come in contact with people who talk about their struggles than people who state they “could or would” do something if they decide to do so. Most of us know that pursuing a dream or idea isn’t as easy as “deciding to do so.” This commentary doesn’t mean to discourage people from dreaming; rather its purpose is to identify people who downplay hard-fought accomplishments by those who actually live their dreams.

There are great artists and designers in this world. Most have worked hard to be recognized in their field or style. At this moment, there is a person at a bar talking about how they “could or would” become a great artist if they wanted to. Just because your mom and second grade teacher paid you a compliment by saying you have an artistic ability, doesn’t mean you can compare yourself to people who actually are great artists. The same analogy can be used for sports and academics. Just because someone played high school football doesn’t mean they can compare themselves to someone in the NFL, yet people do. Becoming a doctor takes years of commitment, yet people think they can just do it over night. People love the idea of things, but they are scared to do what it takes to make those ideas come true.

If you are one of those people struggling to make your dreams a reality and don’t except just the idea of something please continue on your quest for greatness and never look back. Simply smile at those who talk about how they “could or would” be like you.

If you are one of those people who exist to talk about the idea of things, and you have played in just as many NFL games as me (0), painted just as many museum caliber pieces as me (0), designed just as many rooms for clients as me (0), performed just as many ER operations as me (0), developed just as many inventions as me (0), acted in just as many blockbuster motion pictures as me (0),  or written just as many blogs about the idea of things as me (1), then you should probably talk less and do more. Get the idea?