All men have it, a minimum expectation for any relationship or future relationship in reference to sex, or a man’s Super Happy Fun Box (SHFB). Sure, there are many factors that play into a long and healthy relationship, but a man’s sexual encounters will be at the forefront of his comparisons of you and the rest of the women he has been with. As you’re comparing bank accounts, wardrobes, hygiene, penis size and the way he treats his mother, your man is comparing you to every sexual encounter he has ever had.  This does not mean that your man will leave you if you don’t live up to the way Sandy, a stripper from Daytona beach circa spring break 2005, rocked his world. This just means when you attempt what you know in the bedroom, before or after (hopefully not during) your man is reminiscing about the way you don’t do him like Sandy does.

Scared yet? You shouldn’t be. All you need to do to prevent such a situation is to get your man reminiscing about you and your sexual skill set by contributing in any way to your man’s Fun Box (the Super Happy one!). You might not have the flexibility as Sandy or even the downright fuck-power that she possesses, but in order for you to have a place in your man’s SHFB, you have to do something (sexually) that is equal to or better than (apply ladder theory – men’s singular, sexual ladder) what he knows or what Sandy does.

Play with your strengths, literally. There is no sense in wasting time doing things you ‘suck’ at, unless that is one of your talents that can be added to your mans SHFB. Otherwise, the way to keep your man engaged and thinking about you and not reminiscing about his previous encounters, or even worse, potential encounters is to find a place in his (SHFB) that no other girl has taken. Now, how do you know what is taken and what isn’t taken? You don’t! It is up to you, to refine what you like doing to him and make yourself an expert, so some minx from Daytona doesn’t take your (insert sexual act here) title. If you don’t like sex with your man, well you better find something that is going to get you both off. If you don’t show him at least one gesture that separates you from the rest, he probably isn’t going to stick around. Passion is a product of effort and if there isn’t an effort, or even an attempt in your man’s eyes to win a position in his SHFB, then he will probably look somewhere else.

Sexually pleasing your man should be your tradecraft. Your man will never disclose his previous encounters in a sincere and truthful way. You must alleviate all doubt that your (insert sexual act here) is/are the best. All you have to do is be equal to the best girl he has ever had to make it into the SHFB. If you can do that, you can lean on one very important advantage compared to the previous women, your man is with you now and not them. Chances are, if he is committed to you, you have already earned a place in his SHFB, or he believes you have the potential to earn your place there. You will probably never know which one it is so you should always take the stance that you can do everything better. Practice makes perfect and refining your sexual skill set and a great attitude will land you a place in someone’s Super Happy Fun Box.