Being in love is a beautiful thing. Sharing time and space with another person is the ultimate gesture of faith. Most of us hope that this piece of our existence will last in this life and beyond.  However, what appears to be love isn’t always the reality. ******PooF******

            There is not a better feeling than waking up next to someone you love. Sharing bed space is comforting. For most of us, it is the little things that make a relationship; the kiss before you leave for work, the morning rituals of using the bathroom, making breakfast and the texts of  “I love you” make being in a relationship awesome. *****PooF*****

            Assisting in another person’s happiness is the foundation of love. Putting a smile on someone’s face is not a talent, but rather a bond. This bond carries weight both physically and mentally. Knowing how to cheer someone up with the right words, the right dessert, the right smile is acquired through time. ****PooF****

            Performing like a rock star in bed can lead to the ultimate intimate experience. This requires one to fully know the other person’s body. This knowledge can be obtained quickly or learned gradually over time. Once someone possesses this power, love can manifest itself physically. ***PooF***

            As love fades, so does everything described above. Smiles seem less frequent. Sex isn’t that good. Saying “I love you” has less meaning. It is sad that two people can spend countless moments together, yet have nothing to show for it other than battered memories. The promises of longevity crumble, corrupting the idea of covenant itself. Every glorious memory is now a witness of deceit. **PooF**

            It isn’t until we find someone equal or better, we justify loosing what was described above. Every person who agrees to a relationship, believes that what they agreeing to is true love. It is easy to say that it wasn’t meant to be after you break up with someone, but the truth is, at one time you did believe it was meant to be. *PooF*

            Remembering what we had in a previous relationship can allow us to make better decisions moving forward. Whether or not the relationship ended badly, there is no turning back to what once was. There is a reason one or both people decided to go separate ways. There is always someone better. It is the promises that we make to our other that make it “meant to be.” Love is looking into someone’s eyes and telling them they are the only one. Love is not looking any further than what you have committed to. Love is. PooF

There is always someone better. poof