Incredible. The blatant perversion of beauty and the abuse of man’s best friend to prop up this abomination has gone too far.

Let’s get the puppies out of the way first. What kind of psycho buys a dog in order to look cute? The canine species have been referred to as “man’s best friend” since the 8th century BC, and now our best friends have become hostage to a whole bunch of misguided, psychopathic women running around with oversized, pee-pee filled purses. Stop. Just stop. Animals, especially dogs, are pure love and someone who has no soul should never be allowed to own a dog. Leave the puppies out of this and when you are ready to become human again, not some mummified alien species, we can talk about getting you a cat for your recovery.


Now the plastic. There are some things that are acceptable in the realm of plastic surgery, and by some and things let’s just say boobs. That’s it. Done. OK. There are, of course, outliers to this, which go unspoken, and will be stated here anyway; giant noses, any type mutilation/accident remedy, giant noses, and boobs. But, that is it. Final. No other plastic surgery shall be accepted.

The fact that there are women, and some men I might add too, walking around with a sense of pride and accomplishment that their faces are filled with gel, stretched to all hell and back and unnaturally unmovable should tell you something about the state of earth, earthlings and the Upper East Side of New York. It’s called Plastic surgery, but it wasn’t intended to make you look like plastic, so please stop ‘literally’ destroying what human is left in you.

Furthermore, who is telling people like this they look beautiful? It can’t be because of love. Not even love can support bearing false witness against repugnant reanimations produced by bad plastic surgery. Whoever these perpetrators are, they should be held accountable for destroying lives and bastardizing beauty. It is actually gross and appalling that these humans have gone to such lengths (even surrounding themselves with supporters) destroying who they should be to perpetuate who they want to be. (Leave the dogs alone)

Now, let’s get real.

The saying goes, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but today’s society has created a perversion of what ‘beauty’, ‘the eye’ and ‘the beholder’ actually represent.  Traditionally, the way we look at the world, and not ourselves, contemplates the existence of beauty. The beholder is our self, not popular culture, trends, and/or characteristics. The eye is that which we use to see the world. An eye always looks outward and never inward. And beauty… well, beauty is everything except our selves.

What we see in the mirror has no correlation to beauty. Others give you and confirm your beauty, not some procedure that chisels away at who you really are.

Nourish relationships, not beauty. Beauty will come from relationships.

Vanity is a curse. A curse that plays out in the harming of puppies and the destruction of one’s body for a quest of everlasting youth and perfection. Beauty is found from within and not on a surgeon’s table, through a mirror or through the scared eyes of a puppy trapped in a handbag. Beauty is found in other people’s eye as they look at you. And if it is sheer horror you see in their eyes, chances are, you have had too much plastic surgery and look like an alien.

“…as neere is Francie to Beautie, as the pricke to the Rose, as the stalke to the rynde, as the earth to the roote.” – Lyly

It is normal to seek beauty, but just as a sunrise is as beautiful as a sunset, we must adjust and adapt to beauty as it defines us. There is no amount of plastic and/or puppies that can make one beautiful, but people can see your beauty through your love and actions, nothing else. Unless you have boobs, then people see your love, actions and boobs. (Leave the puppies alone)