Dear America,

You are not entitled to what I earn.  You are not entitled to a home or a car.  You are not entitled to healthcare.  You are not entitled to education and certification.  You are not entitled to food and clothing.  You are not entitled to land and ownership.  You are not entitled to any of these amenities simply because people before you have sacrificed, taken risks, and put aside wants and pleasures, in order to earn these privileges.  There are people who endure; who commit themselves to the survival and betterment of their family without donation or expectation.  We get our sense of exploration from pilgrims and frontiersmen.  We get our courage and love for this country from soldiers and statesmen.  We get our thirst for creation from innovators and engineers.  We get our work ethic from builders and craftsmen and ironmongers.  We get our ancestry from doers.  We are now failing to “do.”  To do what it takes to sustain the American way of life.  At one point, “Doing” was honorable in America.  Now the act of “Doing” is looked down upon as some backwards, uneducated, and uncivilized slap in the face to America’s children.  We have become too good for “Doing.”  Instead, we have replaced “doing” with “thinking,” creating a country full of academic elitists, whiners, and parvenus.

There is a disease spreading through this country called entitlement.  Without duty or service or accomplishment or resolve, entitlement is another word for greed.  There are no guarantees in this life.  There is no guarantee that if you go to college, you will acquire a job.  There is no guarantee that if you sign up for the best healthcare, you will escape injury, aliment or death.  There is no guarantee that if you invest in your life, spending money you don’t have, on things you don’t need, that all debt will one day be paid.  Take some fucking responsibility America and do something productive.  If you don’t like the way corporate America operates, start your own corporation and do it better.  Freedom is not blocking streets, screaming Anti-American chants and occupying public domains. Freedom is the ability to do it better, more efficient, and uncorrupted.  Freedom is not having the government in our lives, whether it be for good or bad.  Freedom is choice.  Freedom is failing, picking yourself up and finding a way to overcome all odds.  Freedom is succeeding and sharing your success with whomever you choose.  Freedom is not easy.  Freedom is life; American life.  If you do not want to put in the time and effort and sacrifice here in America to validate your life, as so many others did before you, go somewhere else in the world where mediocrity is valued.  Go somewhere else in the world where the government does for you, and gives to you, and only asks for your pride, your vote, and your soul as a human being in return.  Go somewhere else where you work hard to provide for your family and have half taken from you, only for it to be given to people who possess lesser motivations; who refuse to work because certain jobs are beneath them.  Go somewhere else where the government owns and enslaves you for all they have given to you.  Go somewhere else because here in America, it is the doers, the businesses, the sports, the entertainment, the values, the family, and the tradition that make this country so great… not the government.  The day the government pays for our student loans, our mortgages, our cars, and our healthcare, is the day we have failed as Americans, as doers.  You are not entitled unless you earn it….


Everyone who works for a living, does not take handouts, and believe that life is lived, not provided.