Ostentatious women perplex me.


 There are many different characteristics that can be discussed under this topic, but one discommodes me more than the rest, vanity. We live in a world that accepts fakeness, insecurities as normality and non-self mortal ideology. Women rather become someone they are not or something different then their personal best. Many causes can claim responsibility for this effect; media, lack of religion, peers and environment are just some that reflect motive for this intolerable behavior. One term of American lexicon that gets abused to facilitate this narcissistic flaw in women is the word model. It seems to me that every woman in the country is a model, claims to be a model, is going to be a model or just models. It is as if the claim of being a model allows a woman to seduce her audience to believe she is “beautiful,” despite actual appearance, due to the association models have with beauty.


            So let me clear up this misconception for the women of our country. If you pay any amount of money to any agency you are not a model, however if the agency pays you, you might be a model. If you take glamour shots in the mall and your mother says you look good you are not a model, however if your picture is on display in the Victoria’s Secret store next to the glamour shots, then you might be a model. If you went to college with or just know a struggling photographer and he/she wants to take your picture for free at his/her house you are not a model, however if the photographer flies you to New York then you might be a model. Finally, if you have to tell people you are a model, then you are probably not a model.


            Women, guys don’t care whether you are a model or not. I have never once had a guy friend brag about a girl he met and justify her beauty by claiming she models. Fat girls don’t become skinny with the model title, short girls don’t become tall with the model title, ugly girls don’t become pretty with the model title, so stop pretending to be something you are not. Get this rock-star fantasy out of your heads because it isn’t becoming of a lady. There is no beauty, only perception, conception and inception.



“The surest cure for vanity is loneliness” – Thomas Wolfe