The United States of America is the most diverse country in the world, yet a very high percentage of Americans identify themselves with only one of two political ideologies. People are forced to side with either progressive social views and socialistic economics or archaic social views and capitalistic economics.  Both ideology sets, at their foundations, go against the very principles our country was founded on; the protection of social and economic freedoms.  One cannot be truly free being told how to live their life socially and one cannot be truly free when the fruits of their labors are taken and redistributed.  No matter your emotions concerning this subject, America was created by capitalism and the pursuit of social freedom and to stray from this, to speak out against this, to try to change this, is to go against the principles and values of what it means to be American.

America doesn’t exist for you.  America owes you nothing.  Your cultural and religious beliefs do not supersede America’s freedom.  America doesn’t owe you healthcare.  It doesn’t owe you an education.  America doesn’t owe you a bailout, or food, or housing, or a television station.  America doesn’t owe anything to you, your family, or your friends other than protection from threats both foreign and domestic, infrastructure, and the freedoms outlined in the Constitution.  Anything else you expect from America needs to be proposed as an amendment to the Constitution, which is accomplished by a National Convention of the States, or proposed by The United States Congress with the approval of the States.  All other amenities, wants, needs, handouts, and freebies must come from the individual state governments, not America, not federal government programs, not Congressional Bills or Acts, not foreign treaties and not Presidential Executive Orders.  To bypass the constitution is to go against the very mechanisms our forefathers set in place to make sure America’s government stays in balance with its populous.

Today’s America is more about “Me” than the “We” that we find at the beginning of our Constitution.  Everyone is looking for something, rather than earning it.  Rightfully so, because America, mistakenly and unconstitutionally, provides amenities to specific groups of people which are not outlined in the Constitution, rather than making acts or amendments which help every American and benefit every state.  So I understand why people feel they want the government to pay for things, because the government is already paying for things for other people, both American and non-American.  The only fair way of operating the federal government is to prevent allocation of American tax dollars into benefits of the people unless it is for all people.  Our goal as a country should be eliminating our debt, no matter the sacrifice.  If we don’t, then all wealth, all legacies, all ownerships, all products, all credit, and all service will be destroyed.  We are a country that is divided.  We must stop class warfare and rediscover the nationalism which made this country great.  Below are a few changes I recommend which would seek to remove the disunity in America.  America, at its heart, should always strive for policies that support capitalistic economics and progressive social views.  These two ideologies together make up American Freedom, the same freedom that has been envied by civilizations around the world for the past two centuries.


Government Structure

National Language (Amendment): We are a country of immigrants.  One of the most amazing attributes of America is that every culture, race, and ethnicity that migrated here learned English.  To this day, we are considered by the world as an English speaking country.  So why not make it official?  Making English our national language will create a sense of nationalism and unity so every American can look at one another and feel they are a part of something, even though they descended from different backgrounds.

Background Checks: All elected officials must pass a background check performed by two separate Federal agencies. In no way should someone who breaks the law, be able to make the law.  Before a name goes on the ballot, from the President to Congressmen to Judges, those individuals who wish to serve the federal government have to pass a background check in order to run for office.

Term Limits (Amendment): One of the major problems with our political dichotomy is that congressmen have no limit on the amount of times they can be reelected.  This prevents new ideas from entering our government, but most importantly, someone who has ten or twenty plus years in an elected seat will inherently play favorites.  With term limits, outside entities will be less likely to invest in trying to sway an elected official and elected officials will be less likely to be corrupted by tenure.

Programs Transferred to the States: All federal government programs will be transferred to the state in which the people needing those government programs live.  The federal government has no constitutional right buying votes. Rather, the federal government can support states with funding based on state population, in which the states can choose how to allocate funds to individuals.

Welfare: Any existing Federal welfare programs will be phased out and transferred to the state.  Welfare will be a “workers program” in which the people participating in must work “X” number of hours a week as a government contractor and pay taxes on their revenue.  The work will include community service and restoration projects which will help preserve property and infrastructure owned by the federal government.

Social Security: Social Security will be phased out.  The government will take the initial hit, but no longer will people have to pay into it.  Forms of Social Security will come from states and the private sector.

Education: The Federal government will transfer all power to the state governments to fund their own education which makes every state accountable for their own education.  The federal government will continue to support military personnel who wish to pursue education during or after their service.  The federal government will also pay tuition for specialty fields such as doctors, lawyers, and engineers, etc. and upon completion of their specialty and “X” number of years serving the country as a government employee.  For example, if a medical student wants to serve his country by operating as a doctor for low income families for five years on a government graded salary, then the government will pay for his medical school.  After the five years is up, that person can continue working for the government if they so choose or leave with his medical education paid in full.  The same scenario can be used for all specialty fields in reference to having their education paid for upon agreement to a term of service for America.

Foreign Policy: Zero tax payer money will go to other countries.  Zero foreign treaties will supersede our constitution. Every treaty and act signed to date will be reevaluated in reference to the constitution.  If a world disaster does strike, American compassion in the form of charities, donated goods, and volunteer work will be supported by our government, but in no way will American tax money be given to other countries other than in the form of support of those private donations.

Defense: We will not try to control other countries.  We will not occupy another country with our military unless the country agrees to let us establish a military facility in that country.  We will not use our military to train other militaries. The caveat to the above policy would be that if any group, organization or country ever commits an act of war or terror upon against the United States, and after a passing vote of our congress to retaliate, the punishment will be paid back to them tenfold by force of America’s military might.

Healthcare (Amendment): Unless there is an Amendment granting every American the right to healthcare, no American citizen should have federally funded health insurance.  The federal government will provide doctors who will work in states who have a high amount of non-insured people to offsets costs, but all insurance should come from the state governments or from the private sector.  Birth control isn’t your right.  You have the right to purchase it with your own money, but the constitution doesn’t outline supplying birth control of any forms (pills, condoms, etc.) to a sector of American society.  All the government will do is make sure the birth control you do buy isn’t dangerous to an individual’s health.


Flat Tax (Amendment): There is nothing fairer than a flat tax.  This type of tax makes every American pay a designated percentage from their total income. Whether you make $1,000,000 or $1,000, the proportion of tax taken out of each individual’s income is the same.  This way, no matter who you are or what you do or how much you make, everyone is doing their fair share and no working American can look at another and state they are contributing more or less.  This also increases the sense of American nationalism (eliminating class warfare).  When the country is doing great, all people contributing share responsibility for its greatness.  This also allows for a more precise national budget. If the federal government can predict how much tax revenue it will receive, it can budget on how much it can spend.

Consumption Tax (Amendment): A consumption tax allows America to benefit from every dollar spent within its borders.  So if you are a bank robber who just stole $10,000, a tourist, or just an honest American worker, America is still benefiting from purchases made from each examples revenue.  This will also allow America to benefit from non-American companies who sell goods in America.

Corporate/Business Tax: Corporations and businesses will have a flat tax as well.  The difference is a reward for employment system.  If you are a business who employees “X” number of American workers, you get “X” percentage back on your taxes.  If you are a business who employees “Y” number of American workers, you don’t have to pay taxes.  This “No Tax” system will bring jobs back to America.  If we set up a reward system for our businesses and corporations that provide tax breaks or no taxes at all, America will provide a perfect stage for Capitalism, which will bring jobs back to our country.


Social Issues

Religion: The term God is in every document our forefathers created.  It is also on our money, in our courthouses, and on our monuments.  People are religious and people run the government.  There is nothing in the phrase “separation of church and state” that suggests the abolition of “church” in the “state.”  Free speech goes both ways and if people and organizations can’t respect other people’s right to hear and say certain words at certain places and times, going against free speech and religious freedom, then those people and organizations don’t get the right to silence those words.  We must respect our traditions and forefathers and eliminate the manipulation of the phrase “separation of church and state” which sole intention was to eliminate theocracy.

Gay Marriage: “Gay” marriage, just like traditional marriage is determined by the state and is supported by the freedoms granted in the Constitution (pursuit of happiness).  I don’t get why people are in an uproar over this issue.  It is two people, who make a decision to be together which doesn’t affect anyone but those two people.  I attended Catholic school most of my life and the couple of things that I did get out of the Bible were don’t judge, don’t cast the first stone, and love your neighbor.  If gay marriage is a sin, don’t you think it would have been one of the Ten Commandments?  If it is a sin then why are one person’s sins held higher than another’s?  Aren’t we all sinners?  Aren’t we all taught forgiveness?  Ironically, people accept adultery, which is one of the Ten Commandments.  Adultery isn’t protested at all from the same people who set out to protest two people’s right to happiness.  The Catholic Church doesn’t even recognize a marriage outside of its sacrament between a man and women, yet the outward hypocrisy to attack gay marriage knows no bounds.  Gay marriage is protected by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, granting people the freedom to marry anyone if they so choose it.  If you are religious, and oppose gay marriage, mind your own freedom and stop forcing beliefs on others in a free country (You can always pray for them).

Abortion: Abortion is determined by the states, but more importantly by individuals within those states (Some doctors will perform them and others won’t).  I think we can agree, abortion is a negative thing altogether.  No one grows up wanting to have an abortion, but the freedom of individual choice allows for a woman to have it as an option.  I don’t care about the causes, forcing someone to do anything against their will is the removal of freedom.  As it is now, abortion is a freedom issue and since America is the freest country, the choice to have an abortion has to be present. The prevention of abortions should come from the personal, family and community level, not the Federal government.


Undocumented Workers / Illegal Aliens: There are millions of undocumented workers in this country.  The first order of business in our immigration crisis is to document them, not arrest or deport them.  Once documented, they can now contribute to our flat tax system.  Since they are here illegally, there needs to be a punishment, but a punishment which takes a capitalistic approach in the form of a fine and probation.  After a three year period, if the now documented worker doesn’t commit a felony and pays his/her taxes, citizenship will be granted once a fine of “$X” is paid to America and a basic Skills/Language test is passed.  If a felony is committed, jail time and deportation will act as punishment.

Sponsorship: Most of our illegal immigrants come from North America.  A sponsorship program for our neighbors will create a real avenue for American citizenship.  If you are Mexican or Canadian, you can enter into this country on a probationary period with the sponsorship of 10 American citizens and “X” dollars.  You can only sponsor one immigrant every 5 years as an American citizen.  The sponsored immigrants must show they have contributed income tax (or enrolled as a student) and they must not commit a felony.  After 3 years of probation, the sponsored immigrant can take a Skills/Language test and upon passing that test, will be granted citizenship.


Most of us take for granted our freedoms.  In America we can basically do whatever we want within the reason of law.  But to expect the government to aid in accomplishing whatever you want is selfish and un-American.  From colonial times, to the advent of manifest destiny, to the industrial revolution, through all the world wars, through technology booms, to where we are now, Americans have always shown resilience when it comes to innovation, work ethic, and conquering the pursuit of happiness.  We are not the wealthiest nation anymore.  We have many Americans who are wealthy and who have obtained wealth by sacrifice and hard work, or through inheritance through their parents sacrifice and hard work, but America is not wealthy.  One is not wealthy $20 trillion in debt.  One is irresponsible.  One is fake.  One loses all credibility.  Yet people still want and want and want from our government and the government spends and spends and spends to make the people happy instead of setting an example of responsible economics, leadership and American pride.

It starts with the people.  People should have pride within themselves to live responsibly, not outside their means. People should take pride to avoid being provided for by the state. People must reject corruption and empty promises. The people you elect, the people who serve and protect, the people who are employed by America, are employed by you and they need to all be accountable for their service.  Stop worrying about other people’s beliefs, evaluate your own. Stop expecting government to provide when you have the freedom to provide for yourself.  If you want change, you have the freedom to accomplish it. America is the greatest county in the world because of individual compassion, not because of government redistribution.  When you give money back to the people, to families, to aunts and uncles, to grandparents, to mothers and fathers, to friends and neighbors, you will find that support for people in need is with other Americans, not government. When you live everyday not expecting the government to be there to help and provide, you live everyday as a free American. When you live everyday expecting the government to be there to help and provide, you live everyday as a slave… Freedom is America.  Freedom is capitalism.  Freedom is doing what makes you happy as long as it doesn’t affect another person’s rights.  Freedom is in you, find it…

It’s We, not me…



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