Ladies, most of you wouldn’t know ladylike if it came up and punched you in your dicks. Today, most females are savages running amok. Since when did the ancient Amazon warrior women culture take precedence over civility? Somewhere in the convergence of equal rights, equal wages and feminism, women thought it ok to lose all self-respect and privilege of what it once was to be a lady. It has been long since the days of Audrey Hephurn and Grace Kelly, may they rest in peace. Now we are stuck with nothing short of female circus clowns, parading through popular culture, marketed to our children as the norm. Housewives of (Insert Place Here) go fuck yourselves. I want to see Barbara Billingsley because she had her shit together and promoted, **Wait for it**Wait for it**, having your shit together. The Bachelorette, really? Do you morons really think love is somehow manifested in three weeks on a show where one woman kisses twenty guys while claiming she likes/loves them all (Give me a rose! Go Fuck yourselves!). Let’s watch an Affair to Remember, so we can turn off the TV believing that love does exists (thank you Deborah Kerr). Debauchery has replaced class.

The fact of this matter is, women don’t want to be ladylike. It’s considered weak. Somewhere down the line looking, acting, and feeling like a well dressed, put together and intelligent class act was perceived as setting the “women’s movement” back to the days when women had no power or no rights. Let me make something very clear, back in the days, you know the days when women were ladylike and not some slut-ball attention whore, women not only held more power, but they also were treated with respect. It is hard to treat someone with respect if they don’t respect themselves. Little by little, the ladies of our society have slowly turned into…well…men. It is one thing to want an education, a career, and to do something with your life, but it is an entirely different thing to achieve that at the sacrifice of who you are as a female. Gender roles are real. Men spread their peacock feathers, and women accept or deny. That is the way it goes. Men (straight ones) are attracted to ladies, not the village bicycle. Men want a wife, but more importantly a mother to their children. Guys can’t be mothers and women can’t be fathers, so get over your equality. Sure, anyone can raise a child, but so can a pack of fucking wolves.

Ladylike has nothing to do with political views, skin color, sexual orientation, religion, caste, how pretty you are, how smart you are, etc. It has everything to do with how you carry yourself, how you respect yourself, and how you want to be treated. Ladylike is a birthright and expectation of every female and if you don’t embrace it, you have failed as a woman. Do not take your cues from savages. Being a savage doesn’t give you power as a woman. Acting like a man doesn’t give you power as a woman. Styling your hair and dressing a certain way doesn’t give you power as a women. Having a career doesn’t give you power as a woman. Power comes from how society treats you. Men from the most degenerate to the most debonair can recognize a lady when they see one. It is that woman, the one who is ladylike, who commands the most power, the most attention, and the most respect. Ladies, you can have it all (because I know you want it all). However reinventing what it means to be a women is not the way to achieve it. Wearing pants to hide the dick you wish you had is not the way to achieve it. Fuck feminism. Feminism gets you laughed at and no one brings sandwiches to the picnic. Who wants to go to a picnic with no sandwiches?  The answer is no one. If you want power, if you want respect, behave like a lady and I’ll write my next article like a real man (without offensive vocabulary).