A Heads Up to Improve your Life…

I’d like to put pennies heads up all over New York city to make people feel lucky.

I’d like to compliment every person as they walk into their office building or to drop off their kids at school.

I’d like to hand a $100 bill to every person having anxiety about how they will get through the month without enough money to pay their bills.

I’d like to blow bubbles on every street corner as children stroll by on their way to school or activities.

I’d like to look into the eyes of every person who is worried about their future and tell them that everything is going to be ok.

I’d like to send a check for $500 to the credit card company of every indebted person.

I’d like to stand in a gym and cheer for anybody on the treadmill who wants to quit and thinks they can’t make it another minute.

I’d like to hand out umbrellas on the street when it starts to pour rain unexpectedly.

I’d like to drive around giving free rides to people who normally make a tenuous commute on trains and buses.

I’d like to be everyone’s boss for the day and randomly tell an employee, as they walk in, that they can have the day off and get paid for it.

I’d like to pay for the person’s lunch in line three people behind me and leave them happy and confused.

I’d like to take the working moms place for the day so she can spend time with her family.

I’d like to look into the worrisome dad’s face and tell him not to worry, his family loves him and they don’t need anything more.

I’d like to give a hug to someone who feels hopeless.

I’d like to make people smile just by smiling at them.

It is amazing how someone can change your day, your outlook, and your attitude towards a day.  The slightest bit of kindness goes far.  Being generous with nothing expected or wanted in return is incredibly rewarding.  It only takes one small gesture, person, or thing to turn around something big.  Be kind, be mindful, be generous, and find the best in people. Compliment instead of complain.  Make someone feel lucky each day, turn the penny heads up in someone else’s life.  It will improve your life. Be selfless you will be amazed how good you feel.

Carin Klarsfeld