Equality does not exist.


There has never been a biological discovery, cognitive science experiment or intellectual movement that has EVER suggested any two people, are in fact, equal. None. Zero. Zilch. Yet, for some reason, society in recent history has directed its focus on making people believe they are equal. And whether it is man vs woman, smart vs dumb, black vs white, big vs small, religious vs atheist, gay vs straight we are not equal. This doesn’t mean any set of characteristics are ‘superior’ to another, all it means is there can never be equal sets of said characteristics per individual.

Simply said, nature does not equally bestow intelligence upon us. Our abilities, physical features, will and desire, talents and experiences are not equal at birth and therefore, cannot be equal as we age.

And to get even more “Philosophical – Scientific”, even if we cloned a human and raised them exactly the same, they wouldn’t be equal because they take up different space, therefore altering the vantage point of their experiences, no matter how close society tries to replicate them. The only thing we have in common is that we are all homo-sapiens, humans, people, individuals. Everything else beyond our ‘human species’ connection is superfluous.

We cannot abolish the inequity of nature. We can’t take natural abilities from one child to share them with another.

The idea of equality is a bad thing. To be clear, I am not talking about treating people equal. Every human should respect the freedoms of another. I am talking about the acknowledgement that we are different and some humans, by nature, can do things better than others. This is not to say you can’t or shouldn’t attempt to do it better, but in order to grow as a civilization, we must focus on rewarding greatness, rather depriving individuals of rewards for their achievements. We should be encouraging each other to be better (unequal) than one another. We should push our bounds of civilization beyond that of worrying whether someone is ‘equal’ to another. This is a digression. It is mediocrity. It is the bane of today’s society. It is an excuse.


That is our common link. There is nothing else that make any of us the same other than that connection. If you want [insert career here], go and get it. It is that simple. Greatness is achieved and earned, not titled or granted. Don’t be equal to everyone, be better. Then the next day, be better than that and if you meet someone who is better than your best, strive to beat that too. Equality is a joke for the masses to quarrel about. Don’t entertain that joke. Lead by example. Be the smartest person in the room. If we were all equal, everyone would be the smartest person in the room, and if everyone is the smartest person in the room, then no one is the smartest person in the room.

Push inequality.

We should be celebrating our differences and glorifying people who do it better than everyone else. Our similarities mean nothing. It is our differences that change the world. It is our differences which make us unique in this universe. There is value in that. There is value looking at our accomplishments as humans and glorifying those who achieved inequality against the medium.

Don’t be equal. Be better. Be the best.