Everything is a distraction.

Every minute of every day you are bombarded with temptations, forced obligations, suggestions, peer related activities, family commitments and mindless entertainment. To the greatest eminence to the lowest nothingness, the world around presses you in every direction, keeping you from your purpose.

The girls or guys you date. Your family. Your children. Your job. Your favorite show. Or just nothing. All of it, every single iota of existence you have put into your life has been set up as a distraction, an eternal source, testing, keeping you from your destiny.

You feel it. You argue with it every day. You barter with it. You make promises to it. Yet the days keep passing and your disposition is unchanged. You ignore what drives your heart to please what passes time. Sure, you may have accomplished some stuff along the way, but is what you have accomplished your destiny? Your mark on this earth and in this life?

This is not a question whether you are happy. Happiness is a temporal, capricious feeling. It pertains to your body. It pertains to your mortality.

The question you should be asking yourself is if what you are doing every second of every day aligns with the urges which howl from your within your soul?

Tomorrow is not promised, only now. Your life may appear to be your destiny, but deep down somewhere in your soul you know the life you currently live is not the life you were born for. And nothing in this world will lead you to your destiny, it will only postpone it. It is your journey and yours alone that will remedy this inevitable torment.

It’s time fault. That is your excuse. As eternity looms over your perceived afterlife, this life is laid to waste. Postponed to another day, by another chance. You are not stuck in your routine, but rather subjugated to it. Your free will is no longer free. Bound by phony praises and plaudits, the hand revolves again and again, while time gives us fulfillment, but eternity gives us emptiness.

You are made for something. Your soul has an eternal purpose and greatness will only come to those who fight against the distractions. DO what needs to be done. NOTHING should stand in your way, but the reality is that EVERYTHING will. You must prepare to battle EVERYTHING and EVERYONE to fulfill your destiny.

Don’t exist for everything and everyone.

Don’t exist for eternity.

Exist for your purpose.

Exist for you.

Diss Tractions.