Momentum is defined by science and mathematics as force or speed of movement, or (P=M*V) where momentum equals “P,” mass equals “M,” and velocity (the measurement of the rate and direction of change in the position of an object) equals “V.”  I couldn’t relate any of this to dating except that mass equals momentum divided by velocity, which is a nerdy way of saying mass, or substance in reference to dating, equals quality, not quantity.  Nerd talk off, common tongue on; excuse my druthers.  


               Dating is about excitement (If you don’t feel excited, then you don’t know how to date).  The most important thing you must do when you decide to date someone is to keep the excitement going.  You must balance between giving too much or too little of yourself.  If you give too much, you smother the other person and appear to be desperate.  If you give too little, it makes you seem disinterested.  The most critical point in dating is the moment you get someone’s contact information to the amount of time after the first date that a second date is established.  This interval of time sets the momentum with the person you are dating.


When dating someone that piques your interest, it is imperative that you continue your normal routine of life and never seem overzealous in making plans with your new found catch.  A person with a busy life translates into someone who is responsible and interesting.  Instead of calling off normal life to take a person out on an exclusive date during the week, invite him/her out to happy hour with your friends.  Establishing that you are not a ferly creep or serial killer is important during the early stages of dating and this association with other seemingly normal people lessens the chance of being pegged as a psychotic gadabout.  Integrating the person you are dating into your normal life helps keep the momentum going without appearing anomie.


If you happen to go out of town or if the person you are dating goes out of town for any reason (preplanned vacation, work, family crisis, etc.) you must make sure to sustain communication through available mediums.  The worst thing you can do when you first start dating someone is to go out of town for a period of time.  The second worst thing you can do when you first start dating someone is to go out of town for a period of time and not communicate with that person.  A lack of communication and physical presence will instantly destroy the momentum of any relationship.


Finally, don’t be afraid to spend private time together that doesn’t involve sex or a bed or alcohol or nakedness.  It amazes me how many people date someone for a long period of time and never spend “casual alone” time with them.  Spending all your dates in controlled environments, around people and liquor will not allow you to get to know someone.  Being bar and socially compatible is a far cry from being romantically compatible.  Have fun, eat, dance, have sex, make out, sleep, lounge around, enjoy the other persons company, and create momentum that will carry you to the next level of a relationship.