Simple jubilation, what I like to call Cheer!  Cheeseburger and Beer.   (If you just started singing, humming, or even thinking of Jimmy Buffet’s Cheeseburger in Paradise – stop, now, you’re embarrassing yourself).


Depending on who you are, you hear cheeseburger and beer, and different things come to mind.  If you’re at all like me, you are thinking something like this:  “Oh how I dream of a delicious, tastetastic, cheeseburger.  Charcoal grilled on the outside, slightly blackened on the meaty edges and a nice shade of deep rouge on the inside.  Crisp lettuce slightly curled up on the edges, one slice of red juicy tomato goodness, a few dark green pickle-licous gems scattered on top, a perfectly melted piece of processed and artificially colored American cheese (which really isn’t cheese at all, try ordering it in another country and see what happens), some basic golden yellow mustard (if you’re Jewish at least), and the most popular condiment in America, ketchup (the most popular condiment in the world is mustard), all nicely piled between a teensy bit toasted, light brown, sesame seed topped hamburger bun.”  Well that will make a person thirsty, so an ice cold, frosty beer must accompany it.  Yes, beer.  One of the world’s oldest beverages and 3rd most popular behind water and tea.  It is tasty, made from natural ingredients, gives you a nice smooth buzz, and can really satisfy your thirst.  Oh yes, start cheering for Cheer!

Now if you’re not like me, different things may have come to your mind.  Inclusive of: “Gross!  That will make me fat and bloated”, “Only boys eat and drink that stuff”, “How can you even think of eating that, did you not see the Oprah vegan challenge?!”, “I like cheeseburgers but not beer”, “I like beer but not cheeseburgers”, “That sounds amazing but I’d never admit to eating it or eat it in public”, etc., etc., etc.

I have to assume that the majority of people share my thoughts are male.  Now, I haven’t done any formal research but I got a hunch.  Have you ever noticed how happy, easygoing, and fulfilled a group of guys sitting at a bar, watching a game or hanging out are?  Usually laughing, joking, maybe throwing some inconsequential punches to each other’s arms, discussing their latest hot chick, girlfriends, or wives.  Now look a little closer, yes that’s a half eaten cheeseburger on the table, a Budlight, Corona, and Stella draft.  Happiness is hovering.  Dare I say, Cheer is contributing?

Have you ever noticed a bunch of girls sitting around a bar?  Probably not so much, because groups of girls usually lead to petty problems, or girls are more interested in going somewhere ‘nicer’ and having less food for more money and fancier looking glasses to enjoy cocktails named after fruits and magazines.  The girls are probably laughing, analyzing tones of texts from each other’s beaus, talking about the latest fad diet, and most likely sneering about someone on the other end of the table.  Don’t be insulted, I’m a girl and I do it too, sometimes.  This is not always the case and yes I am stereotyping, but just hear me out.  Say these girls let their inhibitions go, didn’t think about their skinny jeans getting tighter for a night.  They all ordered cheeseburgers and beers.  But wait… What is that lurking?  Nourishment and enjoyment… Less sass and more fun.  Toss those judgments to the side, be a dude for the night.  I bet they’d have a better time.  Give it a try.  Or don’t, and go back to your salad, hold the dressing, the cheese, oh yes, and everything else delicious.  Sure, just lettuce for $24 sounds splendid.

Now let’s take this into the context of a date perhaps.  This may sound surprising, but people actually enjoy seeing the other person on the date eat!  So if you’re a guy, don’t try and be polite and order something with a knife and fork.  And girls, that guy will like you and respect you so much more if you order a cheeseburger instead of an egg white omelet, no bread or potatoes.  Use your hands to eat, pick that burger up, open wide, and take a bite.  It is so satisfying to see each other from across the table enjoying food and beverages.  Order a beer, it’s a conversation starter.  There are so many different kinds, hidden flavors, and memories that have come from beer (think college).  Your date is going to think, that’s one cool chick (or fella).


Eat, drink, smile, enjoy life, savor the good and luscious things, be 5lbs heavier and 5 times happier. Cheer!