Relationship Visualization

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The mind is powerful.


In a world consumed by imagery, media and sensationalism constantly bombarding our thoughts and playing to our desires and weaknesses, the mind is powerful. Every success and accomplishment is predicated from an absolute choice originating from the mind. You can’t achieve success without first ‘believing’ you can succeed.

Success not only comes from thoughts and belief, but also the visualization of thoughts and belief. Every athlete visualizes situations in their sport before they happen, to prepare them for when they do happen. Every singer and performer visualizes their audience when they rehearse. Every CEO visualizes outcomes before decisions are made. Visualization is the tool the mind uses to manipulate our fates.  Good or bad, what we conceive in our mind, transcends, in some form, into reality.


The mind is powerful.


One area in which visualization is taken for granted is in relationships. The ability to visualize yourself with someone in a certain capacity can manipulate emotions and feelings toward that person. When you visualize yourself with someone intimately, they will become intimate in your mind, whether the act happens or not.

Relationships are built upon a foundation of imagery. All the moments of love and compassion, all the laughs and times of excitement, all the feelings of security and warmth can be visualized, and sometimes even relived, through our minds. These visuals are what carry a relationship from its origin to its finale, whatever that may be. When you first meet someone and fall in love with them, the act of falling in love is actually the act of visualizing your love throughout a timeframe. Whether you go from visualizing your first kiss to being married and having kids, those images form the love within the relationship. It is the mind which tells the heart what to remember in reference to love. Without the mind, the heart can be reckless and unforgiving. The mind is what keeps promises and oaths and vows true, while the heart struggles to settle.

Contrary to the positive side of relationship visualization, there is a very insidious and potent negative. Every single image that you process which goes against your relationship, whether it is picturing yourself with another person intimately or visualizing what it would be like without your significant other, chips away at the original positive set of visualizations.

Relationships are pure focus. The mind controls what the heart feels. If images of other people swirl around in our heads while we are with a significant other, then the love visualized with the significant other is replaced with adverse imagery. Slowly through time, the love you think you have will turn into the love you don’t want. Inappropriate conversations with others, sexual imagery, lies and images of malcontent with your significant other will all lead to an unhealthy relationship.


The mind is powerful.


When we enter in a relationship with someone our minds must remain focused. The more positive visualizations we pump into our mind, the more vibrant the relationship will be. Don’t linger with doubt and uncertainty. You know if the person you are with is quality. And if they are quality, don’t consume yourself with others to degrade that quality. What we see in our mind, will turn into reality. If both people in a relationship visualize everlasting love, marriage, a family and a long life of companionship, then so it will be. But if one or both of you doubt, or start to place emphasis on disruptive images, then slowly and definitely, the relationship will be destroyed. The more you visualize yourself without the person you are in a relationship with, the closer to reality it will become.

Don’t follow your heart, lead with your mind.


The mind is powerful.



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