Cycle of Suck

August 29, 2014 | | Comments 0


There is absolutely nothing worse than being lied to, cheated on or betrayed by someone who you have invested all your trust and emotional faith into. It should never be expected or accepted that these vices dwell at the core of human nature. These traits are learned. They do not come with the package of being “human,” yet these characteristics exist because most victims turn into perpetrators and most perpetrators continue to perpetrate. This produces a nearly unbreakable, self-justified and self-diluted chain of lying, cheating and disloyalty which carries over through human to human, generation to generation. This chain of human moral abandonment is referred to as the “Cycle of Suck.”

We have heard it all before; women claim there are no good guys and guys claim there are no good women. The ‘Cycle of Suck’ destroys people. Someone cheats on you, you break up with that person and cheat on someone else. That person breaks up with you, and then cheats on another person and so on and so on until the entire world has cheated and lied and destroyed each other. The hurt and pain. The torment and distrust. The constant questioning of one’s self worth. The cynicism that the person you are with might actually be a good person. The cynicism that the person you are with is a bad person. The cynicism that you are a good or bad person. All the malice and hate and envy and revenge the world produces wrapped into one cyclical abomination of what we humans categorize as love and fellowship and relationship. We convince ourselves, in the face of honor and truth and loyalty, that spreading ‘suck’ is more important than eliminating it. We make believe that if we don’t cheat on the other person first, they will eventually do it us, so we test our love by gambling with evil. All of this… All of it is wrong. And this cycle does not stop…


A glimmer of hope, a soul who stands up to the cycle and says No. No. No I will not succumb to evil. I will not make another person feel the pain I have felt. I will not gamble my love by wagering evil. Two wrongs don’t make a right. If it hurts you, it will hurt someone else. No one is impervious to the pain the ‘Cycle of Suck’ produces.  Sure there is still potential hurt and heartache by choosing not to partake in the ‘Cycle of Suck,’ but there is hope. There is hope that you will one day meet someone who will choose the path of truth with you. There is no hope in the ‘Cycle of Suck.’ There is no trust. There is no love. There is no life. But, to break the cycle, to choose the truth all the time, every time is love. It is that little bit of love and hope that will allow you to find happiness. Happiness with yourself. Happiness with someone else. There are good guys and girls all around us; don’t ruin them. Don’t suck.


“The moral obligation to keep one’s oath or promise supersedes all contrary emotions and fates. When you agree not to pick an apple from a tree, you simply don’t pick an apple from the tree.”



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