Don’t use cheezy lines, they don’t work.  The only good line is “Hi.”  Whether it’s in the form of “Hi… I noticed you and wanted to introduce myself” or “Hi, I’m (generic name)” it is the most sincere introduction that conveys interest.

There is no “pick-up artist” or “player” or man out there who knows what they are doing and can give you advice.  There is a reason most players are players; they are either good looking, have a good body, have money, or they are famous.  These things together, or independently, create confidence.  Girls like confidence.

There are way too many men trying to give advice on how to pick up a girl.  Coming from a girl who has been successfully picked up and many times unsuccessfully picked up, here is what to do.

The three most important things: Eye Contact, Smile, and Charm.

There is nothing more attractive than a great smile.  There is nothing that draws in a girl more easily than eye contact.  Being charming can step you up from a 6 to an 8 in minutes.

  1. Smile – Happy attracts happy
  2. Negative compliment – This is the dig/compliment combination (example: “Your dress is so short it looks slutty, good thing you’ve got such amazing legs”)
  3. Be positive – Do NOT say “this place sucks” while you are talking with her
  4. Be confident
  5. Do NOT say “I never do this” or put yourself down
  6. Be funny – Not by telling dumb jokes or making fun of someone else, but by being naturally funny
  7. Do NOT have a third party do your dirty work unless it is unsuspecting
  8. Use body language – Do NOT cross your arms
  9. Lean in, touch non-sexual body parts –Arms, shoulders, brush hair away
  10. Make eye contact – Look directly into her eyes and hold it
  11. Be honest and direct
  12. Be all about your personality
  13. Do NOT force it
  14. Do NOT try and pick-up her AND her friend at the same time – Girls like all the attention on directed individually
  15. Be original
  16. NO (I repeat: NO!) ex-talk
  17. Use your brain, be intelligent
  18. Be exciting and spontaneous
  19. Know when to walk away
  20. Do NOT ask a laundry list of questions about her past or future
  21. Share something – Offer for her to try your drink and see if she likes it
  22. Relate without adapting – Do NOT say ‘me too’, instead try adding something (Example: She says she loves Patron, you say “Perfect, let’s get margaritas next round.  I like them with Patron Citronage Orange mixed in”)
  23. Do NOT be a topper (Syn: “One-Upper”)
  24. Use her name, Remember her name, and Introduce her by name
  25. Kiss her on her cheek
  26. Tell her you are glad you met her

If there is only one thing to remember, it is this: Be who you are at first meeting.

If you try to be someone you are not to impress a girl when you first meet her, you will never find the right person.  How many times do we hear, “He changed… He’s not the guy I met”?  Do NOT try and be something you are not in an effort sew someone in.  You will never be able to be yourself.  And there may be another chick out there who wants to be picked up by the real you.