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Plastic and Puppies

Incredible. The blatant perversion of beauty and the abuse of man’s best friend to prop up this abomination has gone too far. Let’s get the puppies out of the way first. What kind of psycho buys a dog in order to look cute? The canine species have been referred to as “man’s best friend” since […]


Ladies, most of you wouldn’t know ladylike if it came up and punched you in your dicks. Today, most females are savages running amok. Since when did the ancient Amazon warrior women culture take precedence over civility? Somewhere in the convergence of equal rights, equal wages and feminism, women thought it ok to lose all […]

How to Keep Your Man

Girls suck….And that is the first way to keep a man; and I am not talking about being atrocious human beings either.  This isn’t an article on how to get a man.  Most women are experts in the outward superficiality conjured up in obtaining what they want.  This article aims to explain to all of you (women) […]

Relationship Routes

Getting from Mars to Venus and Back Imagine this situation with me at Kung-Fu movie fight pace: Dude and Chick in Bar. Dude says, “Hey my name is Dude, can I buy you a drink?” Above him is a thought bubble… with one of the following: “She’s hot.” “I’m drunk… maybe I can take her […]

Sometimes, you have to make war to make love

Ladies, we know you hate war and love peace. You talk about it all the time, in both macro-scale and micro-scale. A week doesn’t go by where I don’t hear a woman (or a man who might as well be a woman) say something on the theme of ‘There’s no such thing as a good […]

Classic Cheer

Cheer!   Simple jubilation, what I like to call Cheer!  Cheeseburger and Beer.   (If you just started singing, humming, or even thinking of Jimmy Buffet’s Cheeseburger in Paradise – stop, now, you’re embarrassing yourself).   Depending on who you are, you hear cheeseburger and beer, and different things come to mind.  If you’re at all […]

The 4 Inch Rule

                …I love fashion.  No, I revel in loving fashion.  It is hard to believe that fashion absorbs some of the biggest and most powerful corporations in the world.  So much work, money, and time go into convincing the populous that one piece of fabric is better than another piece of fabric.  Artists, designers, musicians, […]