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Religion has done more good than harm in our world… This is not a debate. There is no inquisition or crusade or jihad or genocide that you can point to that will ever surpass the consistency of moral foundation obtained by humanity from which all religions are based. People decide not to kill each not […]

Damn You Disney!

All it takes is turning on the radio, listening to the news, or simply talking to your friends to understand that Disney movies have set us up for failure.  The beautiful princess, the handsome prince, the obvious villain, the perfect love story, and the triumphant win of good over evil all set to a soundtrack […]

Marriage Trainers

How ironic is it to write an opinion article on a social trainer blog when you yourself are a subscriber.  Even more ironic is looking for advice on what’s socially acceptable for a single person when you are married.  I am betting there are those of you who are frequent subscribers of this blog that […]

Time Bomb

Tick….. Tick….. Boom! You feel it inside you: the ever-meddling desire to pick up and run, to escape the failed attempts of happiness, to remove yourself from tarnished bonds and empty promises, the constant feelings of disloyalty and despair. You feel it, yet you convince yourself that these relationships, those moments of utter disgrace against […]

Love and Crazy

Love and Crazy go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly  It goes without saying that love makes us do crazy things. Think about it. Patsy Cline, Madonna, Beyoncé, and Queen all have songs about the crazy things love makes us feel and do. Sometimes a little bit of crazy can be good, while other times, […]

Red Flags

              It is really easy to fall for the wrong person these days.  People market themselves as if they are spawns of perfection.  Eventually, the perfection turns into normality and normality turns into mediocrity and mediocrity turns into inferiority and inferiority turns into just down right crazy.  Don’t get […]

Friend Collector

There are people who would outwardly and proudly diminish a term, removing all of its substance and attainment, to satisfy some inner quest of personal fulfillment, despite their paradox of self-satisfaction and reality…. Friend Collector [frend] [kuh-lek-ter] noun: A person who adds enormous amounts of people on their social networking pages just for the sake […]

Relationship Routes

Getting from Mars to Venus and Back Imagine this situation with me at Kung-Fu movie fight pace: Dude and Chick in Bar. Dude says, “Hey my name is Dude, can I buy you a drink?” Above him is a thought bubble… with one of the following: “She’s hot.” “I’m drunk… maybe I can take her […]

Why I don’t call

It’s awkward when women confuse friendly banter (originating from an innocent night out) with some sort of runic intention that forces me to transcend from a man who is enjoying his environment, to a man purged of his moxie, laden with the indifference of wanting to continue the casualness of the connection beyond the moment […]

Two Wrongs, Make a Right?

Everyone knows someone in their life who is fucked up beyond repair. All we can do is wish that one day this person will normalize by divine intervention and someday offer society positive reparations for their destructive path. Afflatus aside, it is our job to present a more stable rendition of life. Unfortunately, but not […]

First Kiss

                   How much significance does a “first kiss” have on a relationship? Think back to every person you have kissed, whether it was a bar make-out session or a normal date, and ask yourself, “How many of those people did I continue a relationship with who sucked at kissing?” The answer is probably none, which […]

Meum Nomen Est (My Name is)

                               Human social reciprocity has undergone a retrograde evolution throughout the centuries; surrendering acute memory retention for greater processing abilities.  Throughout the ages, before printing presses and scribing became a norm, people memorized an abundance of information and retained that information over long periods of time.  Poets and storytellers verbally reenacted their works as if […]

One Night (Last) Stand Chapter 1: Location, Location, Location

           Most of us have been there before; a moment in our lives when intoxication has taken over, lack of normal judgment, impaired by the combination of lust and inhibition, produces a short term physical relationship with someone from the opposite sex. It is in this short-lived relationship that we find ourselves playing a game of […]

Chrisanomican Chapter 1 “The Keys to The Kingdom”

Chrisanomican Chapter 1 “The Keys to The Kingdom” Chrisanomican: Introduction             We live in bedlam. Not idly do cogitations of the past materialize due to modern events. I was raised to love God, love my family and love my country, virtues men from all ages possess. I have existed to admire something greater than myself, […]