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What have you done?

It’s a simple question, what have you done? In a world in contention, so many people project their empty impressions on just about any and every situation, profession, conflict, and argument without having any REAL experience that relates to the subject matter. So again, what have you done? Blindly following what you have read from […]

Staying Relevant

One of the most important attributes for success in any path is the ability to stay relevant.   Relevance isn’t popularity. It isn’t dedication. And it isn’t knowledge.   Relevance is simply the concept of connection between topics, ideas, things or people. To be relevant, one must be connected or in association with the topic […]

More Crayons

Remember when we were little and all we wanted was the big box of crayons – you know, the box with 64 colors? We knew how much more we could do with all those colors – the things we could create, the pretty colors we could hold and draw with. I remember when I finally […]


Hate is real. Racists are real, but racism in today’s world is fabricated.  The idea that the hatred of a person’s skin color holds more weight and demands more notoriety than the hatred of a person’s size, sex, intellect, age, religion, sexual preference, health, political stance, nationality or economic status is inherently discriminatory and hypocritical […]

Complain Complain Complain

I think it is absolutely amazing that people from every walk of life, every economic status, age, culture, trade and caste, find something to complain about in reference to their occupation on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter what people do, they will complain. From our most coveted and necessary professions to our least important and lease […]

Social Assassin

Society is a dangerous and treacherous place… Your social network is an even more dangerous and treacherous place… It all starts with infiltration.  Never has the phrase “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” rang truer to a person, than to a social assassin.  A social assassin is someone who attempts to damage a […]

Friend Collector

There are people who would outwardly and proudly diminish a term, removing all of its substance and attainment, to satisfy some inner quest of personal fulfillment, despite their paradox of self-satisfaction and reality…. Friend Collector [frend] [kuh-lek-ter] noun: A person who adds enormous amounts of people on their social networking pages just for the sake […]

The Idea of Things

People love to dream. People love to reminisce. People love to exaggerate. The world is full of people who talk about who they are, who they were, who they want to be and most importantly (uncomfortably) who they will be.  This self-perception cascades through all facets of life consuming commentary on one’s occupation, academic achievements, […]