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New York, NY

As I stare out of the oversized window of my New York City studio apartment, gazing out at a vibrant, fantastical and energized civilization, it has finally hit me, I have changed. And not a change associated with monotony and persistence of time; real change.  On the eve of my departure from the “world’s capital” […]


Everything is a distraction. Every minute of every day you are bombarded with temptations, forced obligations, suggestions, peer related activities, family commitments and mindless entertainment. To the greatest eminence to the lowest nothingness, the world around presses you in every direction, keeping you from your purpose. The girls or guys you date. Your family. Your […]

The Feminist Myth

(New) Feminism is bad. Any movement, group or organization which sets itself apart from the whole, to better their position within the whole without credit, merit or accomplishment is bad. Feminism is just one of many movements within the American society which doesn’t promote equality, but rather revenge, extortion and advancement beyond equality… Separatism. Where it […]

Who are you?

Who are you? It’s a simple question, but all of us have different ways to define it within ourselves, and more importantly different ways to express it to others. Some of us use our careers and occupations to let others know who we are. Others use nationality, religion, sexual preference, academic achievements, athletic achievements, performing […]

Trophy Wife

Traditionally, a trophy is something that is taken in a war, hunt, or competition that serves as a token of victory, or a testament to valor or skill. Today, trophies (or awards) are mostly earned through competition: sports, academics, music, etc. No matter the definition, old or new, a trophy memorializes a moment in time […]

Time Bomb

Tick….. Tick….. Boom! You feel it inside you: the ever-meddling desire to pick up and run, to escape the failed attempts of happiness, to remove yourself from tarnished bonds and empty promises, the constant feelings of disloyalty and despair. You feel it, yet you convince yourself that these relationships, those moments of utter disgrace against […]

Find Yourself

In today’s society, we often see people delving into yoga, self-help books, openly working on growing spiritually and emotionally, all to find a sense of self and peace. It is often said to be truly happy, we have to understand our own self and get to the core of who we really are to know […]

All Caught Up

There’s a common trend amongst many in our society to get caught up in the need of other’s approval.  Yes, from time-to-time, we need validation, but we (as a society) have become too focused on gaining that approval, often to the point that the approval is all we are after. Our motives shouldn’t be approval. […]


Finding myself listening to Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” on my iPhone again.  Every time I listen to this damn song I have to stop what I am doing and focus on Johnny’s soulful sound.  Remembering Elaine’s “Desperado” boyfriend from Seinfeld!   I never intentionally play him, but every now and then Johnny pops up randomly on shuffle […]

New Year’s Evolution

       Here you go again, again… Another year down, another set of meaningful, yet overzealous resolutions you plan to live by… If you are fat, you will probably attempt to honor a gym membership.  If you are a smoker, you will try to patch up your bad habit.  If you are an alcoholic […]

Red Flags

              It is really easy to fall for the wrong person these days.  People market themselves as if they are spawns of perfection.  Eventually, the perfection turns into normality and normality turns into mediocrity and mediocrity turns into inferiority and inferiority turns into just down right crazy.  Don’t get […]

Go Your Own Way

“She stood tall, all her insecurities shining for the whole world to see, and she smiled.” To me, life is about experiences, knowledge, connections and growth. Of course, that’s not all, but these are key components. There are times in our lives when events just flow – nothing major happens to set a moment or […]

Heads Up

A Heads Up to Improve your Life… I’d like to put pennies heads up all over New York city to make people feel lucky. I’d like to compliment every person as they walk into their office building or to drop off their kids at school. I’d like to hand a $100 bill to every person […]

You Can’t Buy Fun

Disclaimer: The message below was written strictly as a reaction to multiple observances of particular social tendencies in and around New York City’s nightlife scene.  The message is intended for the people who try to buy fun which other people have created freely.  Buying the appearance of having fun and ACTUALLY being or having fun […]

Master of the Moment

The Craft and Importance of Being Present  It seems apropos that “I” is the 10th most commonly used word in the English language and “you” is 18th most commonly used word in the English language.  This is a self-centric world.  “Time” is the most commonly used noun, most likely because everyone is egotistically looking to […]

Why I don’t call

It’s awkward when women confuse friendly banter (originating from an innocent night out) with some sort of runic intention that forces me to transcend from a man who is enjoying his environment, to a man purged of his moxie, laden with the indifference of wanting to continue the casualness of the connection beyond the moment […]

MILF and proud of it! Proud of it? Proud of it!

1999 what a historic year…well, for me at least, maybe not in mainstream history. Michael Jordan announced his retirement from the Chicago Bulls (for the 2nd and final time).  Pro wrestler Jesse Ventura was sworn in as the Governor of Minnesota (the WWF may better prepare you for politics than Georgetown, Oxford, and Yale). President […]

Elements of Happiness

  I am happy… If that statement doesn’t make you jealous, provoke curiosity or arouse distant memories of fun times with friends and family, then you should stop reading now. With that said, happiness is not guaranteed. Happiness isn’t guaranteed but we can pursue the hell out of it. With all the circumstances we can’t […]


  Feeling stuck is life’s ultimate compulsion; forcing us to live a life that knowingly makes us barely satisfied or knowingly makes us unhappy, inevitably challenging our emotions to the brink of rash decisions or abject moral imprisonment. Feeling stuck is not a good thing, especially in relationships. Any positive connotation one may try to […]


              Being in love is a beautiful thing. Sharing time and space with another person is the ultimate gesture of faith. Most of us hope that this piece of our existence will last in this life and beyond.  However, what appears to be love isn’t always the reality. ******PooF******             There is not a better […]