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Everything is a distraction. Every minute of every day you are bombarded with temptations, forced obligations, suggestions, peer related activities, family commitments and mindless entertainment. To the greatest eminence to the lowest nothingness, the world around presses you in every direction, keeping you from your purpose. The girls or guys you date. Your family. Your […]

The Female Fixer

Male and female genders have many differences. One difference, which stands out the most in reference to dating, is the type of condition a potential ‘significant other’ maybe in when the relationship rituals begin. For men, it is quite simple (Complete Package). The prettiest, smartest, most athletic, most compatible, most talented best at sex and […]

Love + X = Everything

Since Patty Smyth and Don Henley informed me in 1992, I’ve known that “Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough.”  Knowing and understanding, however, are two very different things. It’s taken me well into my 30’s to understand why love, in fact, does not conquer all, but figuring out what love needed to be enough has been […]

Relationship Visualization

The mind is powerful.   In a world consumed by imagery, media and sensationalism constantly bombarding our thoughts and playing to our desires and weaknesses, the mind is powerful. Every success and accomplishment is predicated from an absolute choice originating from the mind. You can’t achieve success without first ‘believing’ you can succeed. Success not […]

Go Your Own Way

“She stood tall, all her insecurities shining for the whole world to see, and she smiled.” To me, life is about experiences, knowledge, connections and growth. Of course, that’s not all, but these are key components. There are times in our lives when events just flow – nothing major happens to set a moment or […]


Timing is everything… No really, timing is everything… Timing is the ultimate condition that determines outcomes in every facet of our lives.  From the love we share or lose, to the job we have or don’t have, to the glory we celebrate or the failure we suffer, timing is the force behind it all.  Every […]

Thanks for Something

We like to tell ourselves that we have become better, stronger people after a failed relationship and that the time spent in that failed relationship was responsible for teaching us some inspired piece of admonition used to hopingly contrive a piece of divine clarity for our future hookups.  I am here to tell you that […]

Dating Down

Dating down will “never” work.  The love between two people is more secure when both people are of equal status or each person has a superior life trait (beauty, power, money, intelligence, charisma, kindness, etc.) that is equal in dominance.  Dating someone below you or above you isn’t recommended for serious, long term relationships.  Beauty […]


              Being in love is a beautiful thing. Sharing time and space with another person is the ultimate gesture of faith. Most of us hope that this piece of our existence will last in this life and beyond.  However, what appears to be love isn’t always the reality. ******PooF******             There is not a better […]

Creativity Dammed

               Have you seen that?  Have you read that?  Have you listened to that?  Have you heard that? – Of course you have… ten times over.  Plagiarism, a crime forbearing only when past and present become the same.  The creative world lay stifled, watching as technology and science rule their realm.  They replace witty dialogue, […]