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Cycle of Suck

There is absolutely nothing worse than being lied to, cheated on or betrayed by someone who you have invested all your trust and emotional faith into. It should never be expected or accepted that these vices dwell at the core of human nature. These traits are learned. They do not come with the package of […]

Socialtific Method

Do you like science, but hate thinking? Do you want to fall in love, but always fall for the wrong person over and over? If this describes you, then I have a solution (method) for you!  Science is the study of systematized knowledge of everything that is real. Love is the creation (or belief) in […]

The Toilet Seat

The last bastion of gender (in)equality doesn’t pertain to professional obstacles, access to health care, education attainment or political participation, but rather confines itself to a 15x18x19 inch white ceramic/porcelain cylindrical bowl containing approximately 1.6 gallons of water and a dual mode plastic seat that is manually opened and closed. On one hand, we have […]

Trophy Wife

Traditionally, a trophy is something that is taken in a war, hunt, or competition that serves as a token of victory, or a testament to valor or skill. Today, trophies (or awards) are mostly earned through competition: sports, academics, music, etc. No matter the definition, old or new, a trophy memorializes a moment in time […]

Guy’s Girl Guide

Every guy needs a girl guide.  There are hundreds of types of females in the world and this guide attempts to identify the most common, in reference to adulthood and dating.  Each type of girl that is mentioned in this guide is a discovery through decades of research and experiences.  This entire document is supported […]

How to Keep Your Man

Girls suck….And that is the first way to keep a man; and I am not talking about being atrocious human beings either.  This isn’t an article on how to get a man.  Most women are experts in the outward superficiality conjured up in obtaining what they want.  This article aims to explain to all of you (women) […]

Red Flags

              It is really easy to fall for the wrong person these days.  People market themselves as if they are spawns of perfection.  Eventually, the perfection turns into normality and normality turns into mediocrity and mediocrity turns into inferiority and inferiority turns into just down right crazy.  Don’t get […]

Dating Down

Dating down will “never” work.  The love between two people is more secure when both people are of equal status or each person has a superior life trait (beauty, power, money, intelligence, charisma, kindness, etc.) that is equal in dominance.  Dating someone below you or above you isn’t recommended for serious, long term relationships.  Beauty […]

Dating Momentum

Momentum is defined by science and mathematics as force or speed of movement, or (P=M*V) where momentum equals “P,” mass equals “M,” and velocity (the measurement of the rate and direction of change in the position of an object) equals “V.”  I couldn’t relate any of this to dating except that mass equals momentum divided […]

Claim Me, If You Can!

Women of the world, I am on to you.  I was once jejune, believing that the women I date foist flighty comments of possession around other girls because they were trying to give me subtle hints of affection.  Phrases like “Remember last week when we were watching that movie together,” or “Are you going to […]

Eye Contact

…Hello Ladies; look at me, now look down, now back to me, now think about the one you are with, now back to me. Look inward; back up, where are you? You are in the gym looking at me; stop that. You’re now at a bar with the man your man could be, if you […]