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The Feminist Myth

(New) Feminism is bad. Any movement, group or organization which sets itself apart from the whole, to better their position within the whole without credit, merit or accomplishment is bad. Feminism is just one of many movements within the American society which doesn’t promote equality, but rather revenge, extortion and advancement beyond equality… Separatism. Where it […]


You have compromised truth for lawlessness, spewing verbigerations without check or fact. You have glorified the wicked and worn out hypocrisy, exchanging it for barbarism. You perpetuate the problem by becoming the problem, vernacularizing disobedience and ethnocentrism, showing the world that the great social experiment, America, is now just a farce. A dream that once […]

Not Entitled

Dear America, You are not entitled to what I earn.  You are not entitled to a home or a car.  You are not entitled to healthcare.  You are not entitled to education and certification.  You are not entitled to food and clothing.  You are not entitled to land and ownership.  You are not entitled to […]

Creativity Dammed

               Have you seen that?  Have you read that?  Have you listened to that?  Have you heard that? – Of course you have… ten times over.  Plagiarism, a crime forbearing only when past and present become the same.  The creative world lay stifled, watching as technology and science rule their realm.  They replace witty dialogue, […]


…Laconic wisdom from her womb shall admonish our fates.  Catharsis has seemed to fade away…far away past the rivers end.  Shore to shore she cries to be emancipated once again, denying the sycophant of his words where taciturn shall fall to courage.  Harbingers  of old scale her body dismissing acrimony and guide us back to […]