More Crayons

August 20, 2014 | | Comments 0


Remember when we were little and all we wanted was the big box of crayons – you know, the box with 64 colors? We knew how much more we could do with all those colors – the things we could create, the pretty colors we could hold and draw with. I remember when I finally had Sea Green and Periwinkle in my hands – they were mine and the world was better, especially when Mulberry came to play.

You see, when we were little, we wanted more and more; we wanted it brighter and louder and well…we wanted it ‘different’.

Then, we got older and things became more complicated. To make it easier on ourselves, we started putting the colors back in the box. When we met new people, we started deciding which carton in the box they belonged in – – -oh you, yes you can go with the metallics, but you over there, you mostly fit with my pinks and purples, so please hide your blue and stand with the others.

What happened to our crazy creativity? None of us want to fit into a carton – we want to have our Goldenrod side with Sky Blue days, we need people to know our softness of Apricot and Carnation Pink, but also to be aware that we have moments of Midnight Blue and Black and finally there are, wonderful streaks of Copper and Magenta that we are so proud of and so we circle them in Silver and smile!

We love these things about ourselves and the colors we aren’t so proud of, but know we bare, we forgive ourselves for because we know we can be redeemed when we show that rare streak of Gold within us that we are always fighting for. Why is it then, people are always putting others in cartons when they are so beautiful showing all their colors?

I want more color! I want someone to see me for all of my colors and still think I’m beautiful!


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