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In today’s society, we often see people delving into yoga, self-help books, openly working on growing spiritually and emotionally, all to find a sense of self and peace.

It is often said to be truly happy, we have to understand our own self and get to the core of who we really are to know what we need (and don’t need) in this life to be at peace. More times than not, it’s also understood that we let external factors affect our happiness, when if we had a clearer understanding of what we really want and need, these outside influences (other’s opinions, job titles, etc.) would not bother us and block our path to our happy place. This is addressed is Chris’s last article: Caught Up.

However, being aware of these things and trying to find ourselves, is far harder than we ever expected, hence the multitude of self-help books and the increased need to purchase classes and instructions of making peace with our inner self.

Many people, myself included, find it easy to know the answer to the big questions in life:

-Where do I stand in regards to religion?

-What are my political beliefs?

-Do I want a family?

-What am I passionate about?

-What do I want to accomplish out of this life: career, personal, etc.

-What is my sense of right and wrong?

It’s the little things that actually get in the way of finding true happiness – or should I say the smaller steps to reach the bigger goal. I see the final goal, I know what I believe, where I stand, what I respect, what and who I don’t respect, and what I ultimately want (and need), so that at the end of my life I can feel I did everything that mattered to me. What I have trouble with is the making the decisions that will get me there. Usually, that difficulty is caused by my ego (she is one needy and overbearing woman that is exhausting to control).

So, how do we make the little steps? I mean, really – how do we make those decisions and the correct smaller steps to get to the big picture? I can tell you, yoga will not help me and I already have an organized house and my work is streamlined, so what is the next step?  These are the questions I have to ask myself. This is where my focus needs to be.

What are your roadblocks to finding yourself and reaching the goal of sustained happiness?


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