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Hate is real. Racists are real, but racism in today’s world is fabricated.  The idea that the hatred of a person’s skin color holds more weight and demands more notoriety than the hatred of a person’s size, sex, intellect, age, religion, sexual preference, health, political stance, nationality or economic status is inherently discriminatory and hypocritical […]

Find Yourself

In today’s society, we often see people delving into yoga, self-help books, openly working on growing spiritually and emotionally, all to find a sense of self and peace. It is often said to be truly happy, we have to understand our own self and get to the core of who we really are to know […]

All Caught Up

There’s a common trend amongst many in our society to get caught up in the need of other’s approval.  Yes, from time-to-time, we need validation, but we (as a society) have become too focused on gaining that approval, often to the point that the approval is all we are after. Our motives shouldn’t be approval. […]


Ladies, most of you wouldn’t know ladylike if it came up and punched you in your dicks. Today, most females are savages running amok. Since when did the ancient Amazon warrior women culture take precedence over civility? Somewhere in the convergence of equal rights, equal wages and feminism, women thought it ok to lose all […]

Summer Lovin’

It’s hot. You’re hot. Everyone is hot. And the last two sentences are not talking about the weather. I don’t care who you are, everyone looks better in less clothes, on a nice breezy day, the sun over head with the wind at their back. It’s also a fact that people are happier wearing less […]

Social Media Ethics

Social Media is the largest pandemic in the history of our world. No other disease, trend, war, movement, or influence has ever reached more people with a permanent, civilizable, impact than social media. What once was concentrated and controlled individual experiences are now boundless, shared, captures of time and space, with the potential to reach […]

Complain Complain Complain

I think it is absolutely amazing that people from every walk of life, every economic status, age, culture, trade and caste, find something to complain about in reference to their occupation on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter what people do, they will complain. From our most coveted and necessary professions to our least important and lease […]

Psychology of Words

We are defined by language. Every thought that runs through our minds, every feeling that is conjured by the life around us is fundamentally shaped by our language. One cannot think or reason without the use of language and if you don’t believe this, I challenge you to try to think without using words (It […]

New Year’s Evolution

       Here you go again, again… Another year down, another set of meaningful, yet overzealous resolutions you plan to live by… If you are fat, you will probably attempt to honor a gym membership.  If you are a smoker, you will try to patch up your bad habit.  If you are an alcoholic […]

Girl Power vs. Guy Code

Girl Power vs. Guy Code: Why Females Always Lose I just watched a commercial that stated various things women aren’t able to do, or are pre-disposed against “because I am a girl.”  The point of this commercial was to share how the world continues to be unfair to women by making education, promotions, etc., more […]

Me The People

Introduction The United States of America is the most diverse country in the world, yet a very high percentage of Americans identify themselves with only one of two political ideologies. People are forced to side with either progressive social views and socialistic economics or archaic social views and capitalistic economics.  Both ideology sets, at their […]

Red Flags

              It is really easy to fall for the wrong person these days.  People market themselves as if they are spawns of perfection.  Eventually, the perfection turns into normality and normality turns into mediocrity and mediocrity turns into inferiority and inferiority turns into just down right crazy.  Don’t get […]

Social Assassin

Society is a dangerous and treacherous place… Your social network is an even more dangerous and treacherous place… It all starts with infiltration.  Never has the phrase “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” rang truer to a person, than to a social assassin.  A social assassin is someone who attempts to damage a […]

Go Your Own Way

“She stood tall, all her insecurities shining for the whole world to see, and she smiled.” To me, life is about experiences, knowledge, connections and growth. Of course, that’s not all, but these are key components. There are times in our lives when events just flow – nothing major happens to set a moment or […]

Friend Collector

There are people who would outwardly and proudly diminish a term, removing all of its substance and attainment, to satisfy some inner quest of personal fulfillment, despite their paradox of self-satisfaction and reality…. Friend Collector [frend] [kuh-lek-ter] noun: A person who adds enormous amounts of people on their social networking pages just for the sake […]

Common Sense isn’t Common

That which is said to be prevalent amongst the masses, the belief that most people are able to make sound judgments based on basic knowledge and experience, is false.  If it were not, there would be no need for Socialtrainers.  Whether we have digressed culturally as people is no longer debatable – the masses are […]


Timing is everything… No really, timing is everything… Timing is the ultimate condition that determines outcomes in every facet of our lives.  From the love we share or lose, to the job we have or don’t have, to the glory we celebrate or the failure we suffer, timing is the force behind it all.  Every […]

Heads Up

A Heads Up to Improve your Life… I’d like to put pennies heads up all over New York city to make people feel lucky. I’d like to compliment every person as they walk into their office building or to drop off their kids at school. I’d like to hand a $100 bill to every person […]

Breasts Don’t Make a Woman

Some girls grow into boobs and beauty, but unfortunately, not maturity.  To this I say: Grow up girls!  You’re making us all look bad.  Stop with the petty gossip, stop creating drama so that you feel like the center of attention, and get a hobby or a real job where you actually use your brain […]

The Young and the Restless

Why are older people more sedentary than younger people?  I’m not talking about 70 versus 10.  I’m talking about 20 versus 10, and 30 versus 20, and 40 versus 30 and so on ad infinitum. As we get older, we become more contemplative, we become quieter, we slow down in every possible manifestation of the […]