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Dating Down

Dating down will “never” work.  The love between two people is more secure when both people are of equal status or each person has a superior life trait (beauty, power, money, intelligence, charisma, kindness, etc.) that is equal in dominance.  Dating someone below you or above you isn’t recommended for serious, long term relationships.  Beauty […]

What to get your bitch for Christmas

The holiday season brings out our altruistic nature, putting aside feuds and misunderstandings for the fellowship of family, rejuvenation of romantic relationships, and the exploration of newly acquired love consummated under yuletide frondescence suspended from above.  It is the time of the year when we curb our wants and look to generosity, delivering joy to […]

Dating Momentum

Momentum is defined by science and mathematics as force or speed of movement, or (P=M*V) where momentum equals “P,” mass equals “M,” and velocity (the measurement of the rate and direction of change in the position of an object) equals “V.”  I couldn’t relate any of this to dating except that mass equals momentum divided […]


  Feeling stuck is life’s ultimate compulsion; forcing us to live a life that knowingly makes us barely satisfied or knowingly makes us unhappy, inevitably challenging our emotions to the brink of rash decisions or abject moral imprisonment. Feeling stuck is not a good thing, especially in relationships. Any positive connotation one may try to […]

Claim Me, If You Can!

Women of the world, I am on to you.  I was once jejune, believing that the women I date foist flighty comments of possession around other girls because they were trying to give me subtle hints of affection.  Phrases like “Remember last week when we were watching that movie together,” or “Are you going to […]

The Rule of Threeve

So… when is it time to give up the pursuit of someone you are interested in? The serial killer in me says never; always go after what makes you happy, no matter how long, whom or what may stand in your way. The pragmatic romantic in me says after a certain number of failures, it […]

Two Wrongs, Make a Right?

Everyone knows someone in their life who is fucked up beyond repair. All we can do is wish that one day this person will normalize by divine intervention and someday offer society positive reparations for their destructive path. Afflatus aside, it is our job to present a more stable rendition of life. Unfortunately, but not […]


              Being in love is a beautiful thing. Sharing time and space with another person is the ultimate gesture of faith. Most of us hope that this piece of our existence will last in this life and beyond.  However, what appears to be love isn’t always the reality. ******PooF******             There is not a better […]

Just The Tip

            So how much do you put in?  It says a lot about a person when they are deciding to put in just a little or as much as they can…                 The night begins just like every other night pondering all too familiar questions.  As you walk through the door, the hostess meets your […]

First Kiss

                   How much significance does a “first kiss” have on a relationship? Think back to every person you have kissed, whether it was a bar make-out session or a normal date, and ask yourself, “How many of those people did I continue a relationship with who sucked at kissing?” The answer is probably none, which […]

Meum Nomen Est (My Name is)

                               Human social reciprocity has undergone a retrograde evolution throughout the centuries; surrendering acute memory retention for greater processing abilities.  Throughout the ages, before printing presses and scribing became a norm, people memorized an abundance of information and retained that information over long periods of time.  Poets and storytellers verbally reenacted their works as if […]

Wielding the Void

                     From the moment we are born, the world tells us that we will do great things. Opportunity insists itself, expectations consume our fated course, yet as a child we are filled with all of life’s dreams and desires.  Innocence continues only by the outcome of what will be. It isn’t until we start losing […]

Real Pretty Pretty Weddings

                        Have you ever wondered who/what is responsible for the almost 60 percent divorce rate we have here in America?  Well there is finally an answer; women.  This may offend some of you but here is my logic: For thousands of years, men have always fit the description of domineering, polygamous, assholes whose purpose was […]

Chrisanomican Chapter 1 “The Keys to The Kingdom”

Chrisanomican Chapter 1 “The Keys to The Kingdom” Chrisanomican: Introduction             We live in bedlam. Not idly do cogitations of the past materialize due to modern events. I was raised to love God, love my family and love my country, virtues men from all ages possess. I have existed to admire something greater than myself, […]

“Love and In Love”

                  One of the biggest copouts of modern time is the phrase “In Love.” For centuries romantic stories, biblical verses and epic plays have utilized the word “Love” to express ultimate commitment, sacrifice and adoration. Today, we throw around the term “Love” to describe almost anything; food, pets, items, idols, etc. With decades of loose […]

Diminishing Returns vs. Everlasting Love

“Tis not the same self from year to year, nor are those we love; diminishing, complacency allows the love of a diminished person”               I have decided to right (write) certain wrongs within my own romantic life. When I look back at all my relationships, all my dates and all the failures and successes […]

Sex Debt: Cross Sex Relationship Idealism

“The tragedy of sexual intercourse is the perpetual virginity of the soul” – William B. Yeats               Recently, it has come to my attention through a variety of inutile conversations; popular culture has deemed a male/female friendship unrealistic due to initial sexual attraction. We often wonder why our closest friends come from the same gender, […]

When to call it quits ?

             We have all experienced the best and the worst a relationship can offer. At some point in time, we as individuals, make a decision to leave such a commitment or strengthen it by becoming more intimate. Each relationship has two sides and both sides need to establish the same value on the commitment. If […]

Sherri, Sherri Baby!

           Deep down we all love drama, well let me clarify, we love other peoples drama. However, there is something better than other peoples drama and that is being put right in the middle, unintentionally, into other peoples Myspace drama. That is right; yours truly was attacked verbally on Myspace!   Let me start by […]