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New York, NY

As I stare out of the oversized window of my New York City studio apartment, gazing out at a vibrant, fantastical and energized civilization, it has finally hit me, I have changed. And not a change associated with monotony and persistence of time; real change.  On the eve of my departure from the “world’s capital” […]

Bar Tactics: The Plan

    Everyone needs a plan when they go out (even if it is to have no plan).  Knowing what you are getting yourself into, knowing your goals once you get into it, and seeing those goals through to the end are accomplished by design, not by chance (Well, your plan might collide with another […]

Behind the Gay Bar

“Gay Bars: No longer the best place for straight couples.” Oh, the gay bar.  Non-stop fabulous.  If you didn’t know already, straight guys, gay bars used to be the place to go with your straight girlfriends so that they wouldn’t get hit on ten thousand times by janky dudes.  Sure, the drinks are a little […]

You Can’t Buy Fun

Disclaimer: The message below was written strictly as a reaction to multiple observances of particular social tendencies in and around New York City’s nightlife scene.  The message is intended for the people who try to buy fun which other people have created freely.  Buying the appearance of having fun and ACTUALLY being or having fun […]

Why I don’t call

It’s awkward when women confuse friendly banter (originating from an innocent night out) with some sort of runic intention that forces me to transcend from a man who is enjoying his environment, to a man purged of his moxie, laden with the indifference of wanting to continue the casualness of the connection beyond the moment […]

Dress 3 Drinks In

It’s Friday night and you are getting ready to go out.  You want to feel sexy, look hot, and be beautified.  You open the closet door secretly hoping it will suck you in, spin you around, and spit you out looking gorgeous. Then you get a glance of yourself in the full-length mirror and, back […]

The 4 Inch Rule

                …I love fashion.  No, I revel in loving fashion.  It is hard to believe that fashion absorbs some of the biggest and most powerful corporations in the world.  So much work, money, and time go into convincing the populous that one piece of fabric is better than another piece of fabric.  Artists, designers, musicians, […]

One Night (Last) Stand Chapter 1: Location, Location, Location

           Most of us have been there before; a moment in our lives when intoxication has taken over, lack of normal judgment, impaired by the combination of lust and inhibition, produces a short term physical relationship with someone from the opposite sex. It is in this short-lived relationship that we find ourselves playing a game of […]


            We have all been subjected to them before. Clad in societies best and most extravagant fashions… or not. Fancy and upscale bistros are reserved to waste away nights end… or not. Lavish outings make for an accustomed experience advising the rest of the world of their savoir-vivre… or not. Knowing no boundaries of material […]


                             She stood among ceramic pillars etched with stonework like paint, dotted with hints of past experiences echoing time’s remorse. People, groups of people floated above the bar, hands waving frantically, money in hand and plastic cards flashing, jittery conversation to pass the time while two drunken men sing with their arms grasping each other’s […]


                      If you were born in 1985 or before, you may still remember a world where people found it fun and fascinating to mingle with other people who share the same time and space as each other. In high school I remember plans were forged through hallway conversations, nighttime phone dialogues and paper flyers. When […]


            …Lurking in the depths of society lives a creature that brings fear to all males. Usually remaining stealth among its species, it may take years for this predator to act. Stalking, hunting down the right mate during social gatherings provide  these creatures intentions assumed to only itself, and shadows veil the truth of its […]

Swine Crawl 2009

               In the midst of a “recession,” a “war on terror,” various “political scandals,” and the threat of “nationalized banks” our media has completed this chain by announcing the rebirth of the “swine flu.” There is nothing funny about people losing their jobs, death and suffering, but I couldn’t help myself in planning something fun […]

Best Bartender Ever!

              Saturday Memorial Day weekend 2009 was much like any other day here in New York City except for the LA Lakers beating the Denver Nuggets in game three of the Western Conference finals, Rashad Evans getting knocked out multiple times by Machida in UFC 98 and the fact that the Manhattan club and bar […]

Model Preposterousness

Ostentatious women perplex me.    There are many different characteristics that can be discussed under this topic, but one discommodes me more than the rest, vanity. We live in a world that accepts fakeness, insecurities as normality and non-self mortal ideology. Women rather become someone they are not or something different then their personal best. […]