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Behind the Gay Bar

“Gay Bars: No longer the best place for straight couples.” Oh, the gay bar.  Non-stop fabulous.  If you didn’t know already, straight guys, gay bars used to be the place to go with your straight girlfriends so that they wouldn’t get hit on ten thousand times by janky dudes.  Sure, the drinks are a little […]

The Young and the Restless

Why are older people more sedentary than younger people?  I’m not talking about 70 versus 10.  I’m talking about 20 versus 10, and 30 versus 20, and 40 versus 30 and so on ad infinitum. As we get older, we become more contemplative, we become quieter, we slow down in every possible manifestation of the […]

Taking Creativity from Behind

There is, of course, a famous stereotype about swishy gay men in design, fashion, film, music, and many other creative endeavors.  And, unbeknownst to mainstream America, many people in those industries are out to their local communities, but not to the world at-large.  For the record, I support them in whatever lifestyle they choose, no […]

Sometimes, you have to make war to make love

Ladies, we know you hate war and love peace. You talk about it all the time, in both macro-scale and micro-scale. A week doesn’t go by where I don’t hear a woman (or a man who might as well be a woman) say something on the theme of ‘There’s no such thing as a good […]