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Heads Up

A Heads Up to Improve your Life… I’d like to put pennies heads up all over New York city to make people feel lucky. I’d like to compliment every person as they walk into their office building or to drop off their kids at school. I’d like to hand a $100 bill to every person […]

26 Tips to Pick up a Girl

Don’t use cheezy lines, they don’t work.  The only good line is “Hi.”  Whether it’s in the form of “Hi… I noticed you and wanted to introduce myself” or “Hi, I’m (generic name)” it is the most sincere introduction that conveys interest. There is no “pick-up artist” or “player” or man out there who knows […]

Relationship Routes

Getting from Mars to Venus and Back Imagine this situation with me at Kung-Fu movie fight pace: Dude and Chick in Bar. Dude says, “Hey my name is Dude, can I buy you a drink?” Above him is a thought bubble… with one of the following: “She’s hot.” “I’m drunk… maybe I can take her […]

Master of the Moment

The Craft and Importance of Being Present  It seems apropos that “I” is the 10th most commonly used word in the English language and “you” is 18th most commonly used word in the English language.  This is a self-centric world.  “Time” is the most commonly used noun, most likely because everyone is egotistically looking to […]

Classic Cheer

Cheer!   Simple jubilation, what I like to call Cheer!  Cheeseburger and Beer.   (If you just started singing, humming, or even thinking of Jimmy Buffet’s Cheeseburger in Paradise – stop, now, you’re embarrassing yourself).   Depending on who you are, you hear cheeseburger and beer, and different things come to mind.  If you’re at all […]

Dress 3 Drinks In

It’s Friday night and you are getting ready to go out.  You want to feel sexy, look hot, and be beautified.  You open the closet door secretly hoping it will suck you in, spin you around, and spit you out looking gorgeous. Then you get a glance of yourself in the full-length mirror and, back […]

MILF and proud of it! Proud of it? Proud of it!

1999 what a historic year…well, for me at least, maybe not in mainstream history. Michael Jordan announced his retirement from the Chicago Bulls (for the 2nd and final time).  Pro wrestler Jesse Ventura was sworn in as the Governor of Minnesota (the WWF may better prepare you for politics than Georgetown, Oxford, and Yale). President […]