I love life. Sometimes I feel that I should give up my life’s responsibilities and become a male model millionaire, but productivity, writing, and the use of alliteration in my writing excite me too much. I have surrounded myself with fantastic friends despite myself. The exclamation point & ampersand need to be used more! I work out to get smaller. Cars, women, steak, football and swords interest me. I don’t believe in doing something unless you intend to go all the way; yeah, you know what I mean. I am a fashion connoisseur. I eat everything on my plate; I recently invested in smaller plates. My soul has existed in this world for 2,334 years; Christopher is the name my parents gave me, remember that. I am hopeless hopeless romantic, emphasis on the first hopeless. I started this site because people suck and making them suck less may be my ticket to heaven. I studied Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics, which probably makes me an expert about life. I love reading fiction. I hate long bios.


Things I like


Castles, driving fast, chocolate milk, motorcycles, 80’s music, eating healthy, eating unhealthy, guns, America, Milky Way Galaxy, Star Wars, Texas, watching the sun set, 73 Degrees, nakedness, gym, clean sheets, love, inventions, gravity, and books.


Things I don’t Like


Smoking, selfishness, closed mindedness, spiders, airport delays, 110 degrees, dish rags, crows, the news, excuses, free loaders, fish, littering, peanut butter, spam, spam, dust, losing.